A72 road

A72 road

UK road routebox
road= A72
direction= North-South
start= Hamilton
end= Galashiels
The A72 is a major route in Scotland connecting Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, with Galashiels, Borders Region.

It travels for over 70 miles in a South-Easterly direction, along the Clyde and Tweed valleys, passing the towns of Larkhall, Lanark, Biggar and Peebles.


Hamilton to Lanark

Starting at the junction with the A723, the road parallels the M74, following the original A74 (now B7078) before descending into the densely forested Clyde Valley as it skirts around the town of Larkhall. The road follows the meanders of the River Clyde, with some tight bends, sheer drops and adverse cambers. This section of the road passes through some picturesque villages before sharply climbing the edge of the Clyde Valley to meet the A73 at a very busy forked junction just north of Lanark.

Lanark to Symington

This section of the road follows the course of the A73, through the town of Lanark.

ymington to Causewayend

Leaving the A73 just north-west of Symington, the road follows its own course for a short distance, before meeting the main A702, Edinburgh to Abington, South Lanarkshire road. This short section of road is narrow and often congested as it passes through the small village of Symington.

Causewayend to Cambuswallace

This section of the road follows the course of the A702 for approximately 3 miles through the town of Biggar. The main square in the centre of Biggar was previously a large market place, with slightly unruly traffic conditions. But following an increase in traffic along this route it has been extensively re-developed, to allow for a more distinct and clear flow of traffic, with parking and a tree-lined side avenue for local access.

Cambuswallace to Kaimrig End

Just north of Biggar, the road re-gains its own route. Passing over some regularly flooded moorland, it enters the picturesque village of Skirling before ascending onto some higher moorland. This section of road is notorious for accidents as it is high, has poor weather and is very winding.

Kaimrig End to Blythe Bridge

This is the last section of A72, where it is the secondary route on another primary road. It shares this 6 mile section with the A701. Just south of Blythe Bridge, it meets with the A721 which connects the western Scottish Borders towns of Peebles and Galashiels with the M8 at Newhouse. Less than a mile after this junction, it leaves the course of the A701. This junction of the A72 and A701 at Blythe Bridge is very dangerous for travellers heading north as it is a fork junction which approaches the A72 from a higher position and on a very sharp bend.

Blyth Bridge to Galashiels

From here, the road follows its own course for the next 25 miles. It ascends a high plateau on a very narrow and winding, but picturesque section, before descending into the valley of the River Tweed at Stobo. It will almost parallel the course of the River Tweed for the remainder of its journey south to Galashiels.

It passes through the pretty market town of Peebles and then onto Galashiels. It comes to an end at a roundabout junction with the A7.

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