Proof may refer to:

* A rigorous, compelling argument
** Formal proof
** Mathematical proof
** Proof theory, a branch of mathematical logic that represents proofs as formal mathematical objects
** Logical argument
** Evidence (law), tested evidence or a legal proof

* Various kinds of testing, checking, or measuring
** Proofing (baking technique), the process by which a yeast-leavened dough rises, also called “proving”
** Proofreading
** Artist's proof, a single print taken during the printmaking process
** Proof coinage, a coin made as an example of a particular strike
** Proof test, for a firearm
** Homeopathic proving, testing a substance's effect on the body
** Galley proof, a preliminary version of a publication
** Proof (alcohol), a measure of an alcoholic drink’s strength

* In entertainment
** "Proof" (1991 film), an Australian film by Jocelyn Moorhouse
** "Proof" (play), a play by David Auburn
** "Proof" (2005 film), a film directed by John Madden, based on the play
** "Proof", a B-side by the band Coldplay, off their single Speed of Sound
** "Proof", a song by Paul Simon from his 1990 album "The Rhythm of the Saints"
** "Proof", a song by Happy Rhodes from her 1998 album "Many Worlds Are Born Tonight"
** "Proof", a 2004 song by J-pop group angela
** "Proof", a 2007 song by Japanese artist Mell
** Proof (rapper), a deceased member of D12
** "Proof" (comics), a comic series from Image Comics

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