Edward of England

Edward of England

Edward of England may refer to:

* Kings of the English or of England
** Edward the Elder (died 924), King of the English
** Edward the Martyr (died 978 or 979), King of the English
** Edward the Confessor (died 1066), King of the English
** Edward I of England (died 1307), King of England
** Edward II of England (died 1327), King of England
** Edward III of England (died 1377), King of England
** Edward IV of England (died 1483), King of England
** Edward V of England (died 1483 ?), King of England, one of the Princes in the Tower
** Edward VI of England (died 1553), King of England
*Edward VII of England
*Edward VIII of England
* Sons of Kings
** Edward the Exile (died 1057), son of King Edmund Ironside
** Edward, the Black Prince (1330-1376), son of King Edward III of England
** Edward of Westminster (1453-1471), son of King Henry VI of England
** Edward of Middleham, Prince of Wales (1473-1484), son of King Richard III of England

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