List of fictional vampires

List of fictional vampires


* Alec ("Twilight" series)
* Alice ("Twilight" series)
* Alistair ("Twilight" series)
* Alucard ("Hellsing" series)
* Alucard555 ("" game)
*Alucard ("Castlevania" series)
* Amun ("Twilight" series)
* Aphrodite ("House of Night (novel series)")
* Akasha (Anne Rice novels)
* Armand ("The Vampire Chronicles")
* Aro ("Twilight" series)
* Asher ("" series)
* Ather ("In the Forests of the Night")
* Augustine ("" series)
* Aubrey ("In the Forests of the Night", "Demon In My View")
* Jendar Azrar, Prince of Isolann ("Legacy of the Dark Kind" series - "Blood Tears", "Blood Lament" etc by Raven Dane)

* Kurt Barlow ("’Salem’s Lot")
* Erin Bates ("House of Night (novel series)")
* Bella Cullen (Twilight Series)
* Benjamin ("Twilight" series)
* Bill ("True Blood")
* Loren Blake ("House of Night (novel series)")

* Caius ("Twilight" series)
* Carmen ("Twilight" series)
* The Chairman/Dante ("The Vampire Huntress Legend Series")
* Coraline (Moonlight)
* Chris ("Thirsty")
* Charles ("Twilight" series)
* Charlotte ("Twilight" series)
* Chelsea ("Twilight" series)
* Clarimonde ("La Morte Amoreuse")
* Claudia ("The Vampire Chronicles")
* Shaunee Cole ("House of Night (novel series)")
* Alice Cullen ("Twilight" series)
* Carlisle Cullen ("Twilight" series)
* Edward Cullen ("Twilight" series)
* Emmett Cullen ("Twilight" series)
* Esme Cullen ("Twilight" series)
* Renesmee Cullen ("Twilight" series)
* Isabella Cullen ("Twilight" series)
* Larten Crepsley ("Cirque du Freak" series)

* Darren ("Cirque du Freak" series)
* Damian ("r" series)
* Count Magnus de la Gardie ("Count Magnus")
* Lestat de Lioncourt ("The Vampire Chronicles")
* Louis de Pointe du Lac ("The Vampire Chronicles")
* Marius de Romanus ("The Vampire Chronicles")
* Demetri ("Twilight" series)
* Countess Dolingen ("Dracula's Guest")
* Count Dracula
* Dugguban (El hijo del Vampiro, de Julio Cortázar)
* Lord Daryl ("Midnight Predator")
* "Diego" ("Legacy of the Dark Kind" series - "Blood Tears", "Blood Lament" etc by Raven Dane)
* Vasilisa/Lissa Dragomir ("Vampire Academy")
* Dracula

* Eleazar ("Twilight" series)
* Enkil (Anne Rice novels)
* Lady Eshan ("Legacy of the Dark Kind" series - "Blood Tears", "Blood Lament" etc by Raven Dane)

* Fala ("Demon In My View")
* Fallon Nuit ("The Vampire Huntress Legend Series")
* Felix ("Twilight" series)
* Priscilla Fier ("Fear Street Sagas" series)
* Richard/Trevor Fier ("Fear Street Sagas" series)
* Henry Fitzroy (Tanya Huff, "Blood" series)

* Garan ("Legacy of the Dark Kind" series - "Blood Tears", "Blood Lament" etc by Raven Dane)
* Garrett ("Twilight" series)
* Gwenna Carrick ("Suckers Bet")

* Jasper Hale ("Twilight" series)
* Rosalie Hale ("Twilight" series)
* Heidi ("Twilight" series)

* Irina ("Twilight" series)
* Ivy ("Rachel Morgan" series)

* Jager ("In the Forests of the Night")
* Jaguar ("Midnight Predator")
* James ("Twilight" series)
* Jane ("Twilight" series)
* Jean-Claude ("" series)
* Jeshickah ("Midnight Predator")
* Jazriel, sha'ref to the Dark Kind nobility ("Legacy of the Dark Kind" series - "Blood Tears", "Blood Lament" etc by Raven Dane)
* Stevie Rae Johnson ("House of Night (novel series)")

* Kachiri ("Twilight" series)
* Josef Kostan (Moonlight)
* Carmilla Karnstein/Mircalla ("Carmilla")
* Kaleo ("Shattered Mirror")
* Karen ("The Black Dagger Brotherhood" series)
* Katrina ("Twilight" series)
* Kebi ("Twilight" series)
* Kistin ("Rachel Morgan" series)

* Laurent ("Twilight" series)
* Liam ("Twilight" series)
* Lestat (Anne Rice novels).
* Louis (Anne Rice novels).

* Maggie ("Twilight" series)
* Maharet, (Anne Rice novels).
* Makenna ("Twilight" series)
* Marcus ("Twilight" series)
* Vancha March ("Cirque du Freak" series)
* Maria ("Twilight" series)
* Mary ("Twilight" series)
* Damien Maslin ("House of Night (novel series)")
* Michel (Ethan Bryne) ("Companions of the Night")

* Nahuel ("Twilight" series)
* Nathaniel ("Midnight Predator")
* Neferet ("House of Night (novel series)")
* Erik Night ("House of Night (novel series)")
* Seba Nile ("Cirque du Freak" series)

* Peter ("Twilight" series)

* Renata ("Twilight" series)
* Renesmee (Nessie) ("Twilight" series)
* Randall ("Twilight" series)
* Christopher Ravena ("Shattered Mirror")
* Nikolas Ravena ("Shattered Mirror")
* Nissa Ravena ("Shattered Mirror")
* Risika ("In the Forests of the Night")
* Carlos Rivera ("The Vampire Huntress Legend Series"), books one through four, "Minion", "The Awakening", "The Hunted", and "The Bitten")
* Lord Ruthven
* Zoey Redbird ("House of Night (novel series)")

* Mick St.John (Moonlight)
*Soma ("Castlevania" series)
* Selene ("Underworld" series)
* Senna ("Twilight" series)
* Simon ("The Silver Kiss")
* Siobhan ("Twilight" series)
* Stregoni Benefici ("Twilight" series)
* Darren Shan ("Cirque du Freak" series)
* Darius Shan ("Cirque du Freak" series)
* Sita ("The Last Vampire" Series)
* Sivaya ("Legacy of the Dark Kind" series) - "Blood Tears", "Blood Lament" etc by Raven Dane)
* Sonja Blue (Novels by Nancy A. Collins)
* Stefan ("Twilight" series)
* Alexander Sterling ("Vampire Kisses" series)
* Stefan Salvadore ("The Vampire Diaries" series)
* Damon Salvadore ("The Vampire Diaries" series)

* Tanya ("Twilight" series)
* Tara ("The Vampire Huntress Legend Series")
* Thuringwethil, one of Sauron's followers. ("The Silmarillion")
* Tia ("Twilight" series)

*Sir Francis Varney ("Varney the Vampire")
* Victoria ("Twilight" series)
* Sara Vida (end of "Shattered Mirror")
* Vladimir ("Twilight" series)

* Yolando ("The Vampire Huntress Legend Series")

* Zafrina ("Twilight" series)


*Angel/Angelus ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")
*Barnabas Collins ("Dark Shadows")
* caleb morley ( port charles)
*Count Magnus Lee ("Vampire Hunter D")
*Count von Count ("Sesame Street")
*Count von Krolock ("The Fearless Vampire Killers")
*Count Yorga ("Count Yorga, Vampire"), ("The Return of Count Yorga")
*Countess Marya Zaleska ("Dracula's Daughter)"
*D ("Vampire Hunter D")
*David ("The Lost Boys")
*Eramus ("The Monster Club")
*Jerry Dandridge ("Fright Night")
*Darla ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")
*Ingrid Dracula ("Young Dracula")
*Vlad Dracula ("Young Dracula")
*Drusilla ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")
*Duckula ("Duckula")
*Deacon Frost ("Blade")
*Karin ("Karin") ("Chibi Vampire")
*Harmony Kendall ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")
*The Master, an ancient vampire who heads the Order of Aurelius.
*Meir Link ("Vampire Hunter D")
*Moka Akashiya ("Rosario + Vampire")
*Radu - ("Subspecies"), ('), ('), ("")
*Janos Skorzeny - ("The Night Stalker")
*Spike aka William the Bloody ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer") - "William Pratt"
*Skye Tallisker - A vampire on the Watchers Council in Watchers the Virtual Series A virtual sequel to Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Dawn Summers girlfriend.
Henry Fitzroy (Blood Ties)

Comic book / Manga

*Alucard ("Hellsing")
*Andrew Bennett ("I...Vampire")
*Blade ("Tomb of Dracula")
*Proinsias Cassidy ("Preacher")
*Deacon Frost ("Tomb of Dracula")
*Oscar Greenberg ("Marvel Graphic Novel #20 - Greenberg the Vampire")
* Maaka family ("Chibi Vampire")
* Misaki Minato ("Blood Alone")
*The Monk ("Detective Comics" #31)
*Evangeline A.K. McDowell ("Negima")
*Guilt-na-Zan ("")

Video Games

* Faustus ("")
* Magnus ("")
* Marcus ("")
* Sebastian ("")
* Umah ("")
* Alucard ("")
* Count Vlad Tepes Dracula ("Castlevania")
* Brauner ("")
* Succubus ("Castlevania")
* Walter ("")
* Janos Audron ("Legacy of Kain")
* Kain ("Legacy of Kain")
* Raziel ("Legacy of Kain")
* Vorador ("Legacy of Kain")
* Turel ("")
* Dumah ("")
* Melchiah ("")
* Morlock ("")
* Rahab ("")
* Zephon ("")
* Neclord ("Suikoden, Suikoden 2")
* Sierra ("Suikoden 2")
* Remilia and Flandre Scarlet ("Touhou Project")

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