Robson Lowe

Robson Lowe

John Harry Robson Lowe (7 January, 1905 London19 August, 1997 Bournemouth), Robbie to his friends, was a professional philatelist, stamp dealer and stamp auctioneer. He is regarded by philatelists as the father of postal history, having published many definitive works on the subject and having introduced the term in his first major book "Handstruck Postage Stamps of the Empire 1680-1900" in 1948.


His philatelic publishing was prolific; he published many books, journals and pamphlets, as author, co-author and publisher.


* "Encyclopedia of the Empire"
**1948, Vol. 1, 296p, Great Britain
**1952, Vol. 1, revised, 456p
**1949, Vol. 2, 448p, British Africa
**1951, Vol. 3, 559p, British Asia
**1962, Vol. 4, 624p, Australasia
**1976, Vol. 4, supplement, 19p, Australasia
**1973, Vol. 5, 760p, British North America
**1990, Vol. 6, 309p, The Leeward Islands: Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Montserrat, Nevis and St. Christopher, St. Kitts Nevis, Anguilla, Virgin Islands, British PO in Danish, Dutch and French Possessions, Other Packet Services, Postage Rates, etc.

* "1922 Ireland", 1972
* "British Line Engraved Stamps Repaired Impressions, 1855-1879", 1982
* "British Postage Stamps of the 19th Century" 1st ed. 1968, 2nd ed. 1979
* "Brunei 1895 Star and Crescent Issue", 1973
* "Codrington Correspondence, 1743-1851", 1968, Antigua
* "The De La Rue Key Plates", 1979
* "The De La Rue Punch Book", 1987
* "From China and Tibet 1844-1865", 1981, Letters written by missionaries in the interior
* "Handstruck Postage Stamps of the Empire 1680-1900",
* "Historical Letters to Gratious Street, London 1570 - 1601", 1988
* "Indian Field Post Offices 1903-04", 1979
* "The Kings of Egypt and Their Stamps 1860-1960", 1969
* "The Knights of Malta, The Lazara Correspondence", 1987, 1789-1797 period, the French Revolution
* "The Uganda Missionaries", 1974

* "The Gee-Ma Forgeries", 1980, Forged overprints and cancellations of China, Japanese Occupation, Great Britain and Tibet
* "The Oswald Schröder Forgeries", 1981, A study of this little known forger
* "The Work of Jean de Sperati", 1955, Study of this famous forger
* "The Work of Jean de Sperati II", 2001, A further study, with Carl Walske

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* Gerald Davis
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