Henryk Arctowski

Henryk Arctowski

Henryk Arctowski (1871 - 1958) was a Polish scientist, oceanographer and Antarctica's explorer.

Henryck Arctowski, Ph.D., was born in Warsaw, July 15, 1871, and educated in Paris, Liege, Zurich and Lemberg. He was in charge of physical observations on the Belgian Antarctic Expedition (the "Belgica" Expedition) of 1897-1899. This was the first expedition to spend the winter in the Antarctic. Shipmates included Roald Amundsen and Frederick A. Cook. Arctowski joined The Explorers Club in New York in 1920.

His name has been given to a phenomenon in which a halo resembling a rainbow, with two other partial arcs symmetrical to the main one, forms around the sun as light is refracted through ice crystals in the atmosphere.


In recognition of his work and his contribution to science, his name has been given to a number of geographical features:

In Antarctica:
* Arctowski Dome
* Arctowski Cove
*Arctowski Peninsula
*Arctowski Nunatak
*Arctowski Peak

In Spitsbergen:
*Arctowskifjellet (Mt. Arctowski)
*Arctowskibreen (Arctowski glacier)

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* Henryk Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station

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* [http://sunsite.icm.edu.pl/dab/ The Polish Antarctic Station "Henryk Arctowski"]

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