LVS-97 (71-147) is a Russian-made six axle tram. LVS denotes «Ленинградский Вагон Сочленёный» (Leningradski Vagon Sochlenyeni) which is an articulated tram car, made in St. Petersburg. It was produced at the Petersburg Tram Mechanical Factory from 1997 (as its name implier by 97 index) through 2004.

LVS-97 tram cars worked in St. Petersburg, Kolomna, Krasnoyarsk and also were tested in Vitebsk.

Technical Detatils

LVS-86 is a broad gauge (1524 mm or 60 inches) high floor tram (yet with varying floor level in one of the modifications). Its body is continuously welded articulated and having 6 axles. The articulation is suspended, the rear section is supported just by one bogie. Since 2000 (manufacturing number 1518) trams were released with a glass/plastic facing of the front, as well as other door placement of a first section (as in LM-99).


* LVS-97K Rheostatic-contactor constrol system. Used in St. Petersburg, Kolomna and Krasnoyarsk.
* LVS-97M MERA thyrystor control system. 2 tram cars released. one of them was tested in Vitebsk, then transferred back to St. Petersburg. ON the plant it was rebuilt into LVS-97A with the assignment of the new manufacturing number.
* VLS-97A Asynchronous traction engines. Six trams for St. Petersburg are released.
* LVS-97A-01 (71-151АН) Asynchronous traction engines, rear section uses low floor passenger accumulation compartments. Just one tram built in 2004.

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