Video Game TYCOON

Video Game TYCOON

Infobox VG| title = Video Game TYCOON

developer = GAMESweet Software
publisher = GAMESweet Software
designer = |engine =
released = Fall 2006
genre = Multiple
modes = Single Player and Multiplayer
ratings = ESRB: Everyone 10+ (E 10+)
platforms = Microsoft Windows
media = Compact Disc
requirements = Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, 1.3 GHz processor, 1GB of hard drive space, 256 MB of RAM, 32 MB 32-bit color video card, OpenGL, DirectX 7
input = Keyboard, mouse, Game controller

"Video Game TYCOON" is a tycoon computer game developed and published by GAMESweet Software. It is an example of a tycoon game, however it is not like traditional tycoon video games. Rather it lets its users not only play video games, but create their own 3D video games as well, and even burn them to CD. There are other software tools and games that let people make their own 2D video games such as RPG Maker, Fighter Maker or Shooter Maker that also do not require any knowledge of software engineering to produce an original working video game. There are also tool-kits that do require programing and 3D art skills such as Microsoft XNA. Video Game Tycoon attempts, albeit in a rather simplistic form, to allow the creation of an original 3D video game by anyone over the age of 10. Based on the success of version 1.0 a new version is in development which addresses some of the shortcomings of the original, with more of a "Teen" rating, more game-play styles and an online component for game sharing.


There are three types of gameplay in Video Game TYCOON: play, tutorial and build.


Play mode lets you play the supplied games and games that the player creates.


Tutorials teach novices the basics of building their own 3D video games. This includes defining levels and level objectives, defining players, and defining other objects. After completing the 4 supplied tutorials, players earn their Certificate of Training in Video Game Design.


Build mode is where most of the time is spent, creating and fine-tuning video games. Players can achieve bronze, silver, and gold medals as they gain more experience building games.

To achieve Bronze Video Game Design Awards, players need to create a level with 5 targets and a target level objective, a level with 5 collectables and a collectable level objective, and equip a vehicle with a weapon or a character with an accessory. Once players have achieved bronze, they unlock the ability to burn games onto CD or DVD.

To achieve Silver Video Game Design Awards, players need to create a level with 5 gates and a gate level objective, a level with multiple player character selections, a level with 2 or more cheats, and a level with a timer objective. Achieving silver status unlocks the high flying Kruiser and Pegasus objects. In version 1.16 - 1.24 of Gold Edition, it was possible to unlock both the kruiser and pegasus. The bug is fixed in version 1.25

To achieve Gold Video Game Design Awards, players need to create a level with multiplayer support, a level with 2 easter eggs, a level with at least 3 snap-together do-it-yourself terrain sections, and a level with an objective rewards that gives players the ability to unlock levels. Achieving gold status will unlock advanced object controls, which allow players to generate more complex and interesting video games.

Players and AI Objects

Players and AI (artificially intelligent) objects define the majority of the game content for each video game. Player objects are controlled by players using the mouse, keyboard, or game controllers. AI objects are controlled automatically by the game itself.

Pegasus and Kruiser - may be attained using a cheat, or completing Silver Award requirements

Weapons and Other Accessories

Various weapons and accessories can be attached to many player and AI objects.


There are two types of terrain available: Geared-Up terrain and Do-It-Yourself terrain. Geared up terrain is terrain that has already been snapped together, and may also contains interesting scene and gameplay objects. Do-it-yourself terrain are sections that can be snapped together to generate larger, more interesting 3D scenes.


The kruiser can do an unpowered glide. (Too get the krusier car, get the Gold Award!)


Informal reviews have been generally positive [ [ Customer reviews for "Video Game Tycoon"] from] [ [ Customer reviews for "Video Game Tycoon"] from] , Negative reviews have focused on the games less than state of the art graphics, over simplified game mechanics and incompatibility with some PC hardware. [ [ "CompUSA, Michael McDonald, Christmas Gifts" blog entry] from Orson Scott Card's official website] . Formal reviews award the game an average of 8/10 [ [ Industry reviews for "Video Game Tycoon"] from GameStats]


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