Agul language

Agul language

nativename=unicode|агъул чӀал
states=Russia, also spoken in Azerbaijan
region=Southern Dagestan
speakers=17,373 (1989 Census)
fam1=Northeast Caucasian

Aghul, also called Agul, is a language spoken by the Aguls who live in southern Dagestan (a republic of Russia) and Azerbaijan.


Aghul belongs to the Lezgic group of the Northeast Caucasian (Dagestan) language family.

Geographic distribution

In 1989, Aghul was spoken by 17,373 people in Russia, mainly in Southern Dagestan, as well as 32 people in Azerbaijan.

Official status

Aghul is not an official language, and Lezgian is used as the literary language.

Related languages

There are ten languages in the Lezgian language family, namely: Aghul, Tabasaran, Rutul, Lezgian, Tsakhur, Budukh, Kryts, Khinalugh, Udi and Archi.



Independent and predicative adjectives take number marker and class marker; also case if used as nominal. As attribute they are invariable. Thus "idžed" "good", ergative, "idžedi", etc. "-n, -s;" pl. "idžedar"; but "Idže insandi hhuč qini" "The good man killed the wolf" (subject in ergative).


Personal Pronouns


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