California (disambiguation)

California (disambiguation)

California can refer to many places and things. Among them include the following:

Places in North America

* California, one of the 50 states of the United States.
* Baja California, one of the 31 states of Mexico. Formerly known as "North Territory of Baja California".
* Baja California Sur, one of the 31 states of Mexico. Formerly known as "South Territory of Baja California".
* Baja California Peninsula or Lower California peninsula, a peninsula of North America in the west of Mexico.
* Gulf of California, the body of water between Baja California Peninsula and the rest of Mexico.

;Places in the state of California:
*California City, California
*University of California, Berkeley - may be referred to as "California" or "Cal", particularly in reference to its sports teams
*California Speedway in Fontana, California
*Disney's California Adventure Park

;Historical entities:
* California Republic, a short-lived independent state founded by American rebels against Mexico in 1846
* Alta California, the northern part of the California region of New Spain and Mexico, formed as a separate territory in 1804 and acquired by the United States in 1848.
* Baja California (territory), the southern part of the California region of New Spain and Mexico, formed as a separate territory in 1804. In 1930 the territory was separated into North and South territories.
* Las Californias, the wider region along the west coast of North America during Spanish and Mexican rule.
* Island of California, an early geographical misconception that the Baja California Peninsula was an island.

;Other U.S. locations:
*California, Kentucky
*California, Louisville, a neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky
*California, Maine
*California, Maryland
*California, Michigan
*California, Missouri
*California, North Carolina
*California, Ohio
*California, Pennsylvania

*California, New Brunswick
**Lower California (New Brunswick)
*California, Lanark County, Ontario
*California, Leeds and Grenville County, Ontario
*New California, Ontario

Places in South America, Central America and the Caribbean

*Califórnia, state in Paraná, Brazil
*California, Santander a municipality in the Santander Department, Colombia
*California, Usulután, El Salvador
*California, Trinidad, a settlement in central Trinidad

Places in Europe

**California, Lecco, Lombardy
**Campofiorenzo-California, Lecco, Lombardy
**California, Castelfranco Emilia, Emilia Romagna, Modena
**La California a village in the municipality of Bibbona in Tuscany, province of Livorno
**California, Lesmo, Milan
**Nouva California, Ardea, Rome
**California, Gosaldo - locality in the province of Belluno
*The Netherlands:
**Californië (Gelderland) a tiny settlement
**Californië (Limburg) a tiny settlement
*United Kingdom:
**California, Berkshire
**California, Buckinghamshire
**California, Derby
**California, Falkirk
**California, Norfolk, a seaside resort nearOrmesby St. Margaret with Scratby
**California, Suffolk, a suburb of Ipswich


* 341 California, an asteroid
* California Nebula (NGC 1499), an emission nebula in the constellation Perseus

Names of ships

* T.S.S. "California"
* USS California
* California (Dutch Ship)
* SS Californian, a British ship

Flora and Fauna

* California poppy, the California state flower
* California quail, the California state bird
* California spiny lobster, a spiny lobster that lives off the coast of the Mexican and the U.S. states
* California condor, a bird of prey
* California Sea Lion, a coastal sea lion.
* California yellowjacket (Vespula sulphurea), a yellowjacket


* "California" (American Music Club album), 1988 album by American Music Club
* "California" (Mr. Bungle album)", a 1999 album by Mr. Bungle
* "California" (Belinda Carlisle song), a song by Belinda Carlisle from her 1996 album "A Woman and a Man"
* "California" (song), a song by Phantom Planet from their 2002 album "The Guest"
* California (Joni Mitchell Song), a song by Joni Mitchell from her album Blue (Joni Mitchell album)
* "California" (Mylène Farmer song), a 1996 single by French singer Mylène Farmer from her album "Anamorphosée"
* California (band), pop group featuring Les Fradkin which recorded for Laurie Records between 1973 and 1985.
* California Dreamin', a song by The Mamas & The Papas
* Dani California, a song by Red Hot Chili Peppers from their album "Stadium Arcadium"
*California (game), a game from society of Michael Schacht, issued in 2006 for Abacus
*California Games, a video game from 1987
*California Suite (film), an American film from 1978
*California (1944 film), a film directed by Frank Ryan
*California (1946 film), a film starring John Farrow
*California (1977 film), a film directed by Michele Lupo
*California (Gianna Nannini album)
*Hotel California

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Personal names

*California Molefe, a Botswanan sprinter runner
*Randy California (born Randy Craig Wolfe), one of the original members of the rock group Spirit


*Volkswagen California, a passenger van manufactured by German automaker Volkswagen AG, based on Volkswagen Multivan
*Moto Guzzi California, a Touring motorcycle of Italian motorcycle maker Moto Guzzi
*Ferrari California, a convertible car produced by Ferrari
*California class cruiser, a set of two of nuclear-powered guided missile cruisers operated by the United States Navy between 1974 and 1998.
*California Condor
*California Screamin' the attraction at Disney's California Adventure theme park.
*California (Mountain View), a motorcycle brand from Mountain View, California.
*California Motor Company, a historical motorcycle brand from San Francisco, California from 1901 to 1903

ee also

* Kalifornien
* Kalifornija, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast

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