Pennsylvania Route 230

Pennsylvania Route 230

PA Route 230 marker

PA Route 230
Route information
Maintained by PennDOT
Length: 28 mi[1] (45 km)
Existed: 1967 – present
Major junctions
West end: US 22.svg US 22 in Harrisburg
East end: PA-283.svg PA 283 in Salunga
Counties: Dauphin, Lancaster
Highway system

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Pennsylvania Route 230 is a state route in central Pennsylvania. Its western terminus is at an intersection with U.S. Route 22 in Harrisburg. Its eastern terminus is at an interchange with Pennsylvania Route 283 near Salunga.


Route description

Pennsylvania Route 230 starts at an intersection with U.S. Route 22. This intersection is the intersection of Maclay Street, Cameron Street and Arsenal Boulevard in Harrisburg. US 22 turns north onto Cameron Street, while PA 230 continues south on Cameron Street. PA 230 passes under Interstate 83; the nearest exit from 230 is on 17th Street. Cameron Street ends just outside of Harrisburg city limits, and turns into Front Street. PA 230 parallels the Susquehanna River, for a number of miles. In Highspire, it intersects Eisenhower Boulevard, a main road connecting PA 230 to Interstate 283, Pennsylvania Route 283, and Interstate 76 (Pennsylvania Turnpike). The Pennsylvania Turnpike passes over PA 230, and has an interchange with an airport connector that connects with Harrisburg International Airport. Beyond the airport is Middletown. PA 230 intersects PA 441 and east of Middletown, PA 341. Then in Elizabethtown, it intersects and merges with two routes PA 743 and PA 241. In Mount Joy, Pennsylvania PA 230 merges with PA 772. Several miles further, PA 230 ends at PA 283, which is the PA 283 exit for Mount Joy.


US 230 (1961).svg

From 1926 to 1967, the entire length of PA 230 was part of U.S. Route 230. Along with the PA 230 segment, US 230 also encompassed what is now Pennsylvania Route 283 from the eastern terminus of PA 230 to U.S. Route 30 in Lancaster. Its greatest importance lay in that (before the Pennsylvania Turnpike was completed) it served, with US 30, as the best link between Philadelphia and the state capital. In 1967, Pennsylvania "demoted" US 230, as well as other intrastate three-digit U.S. routes, to state route status, leading to the creation of PA 230.

In 1971, PA 230 was truncated from US 30 to its present eastern terminus at PA 283. East of this current eastern terminus, PA 283 has a narrow median strip as it is paved over the old alignment of PA 230.

Major intersections

County Location Mile Destinations Notes
Harrisburg 0.00 US 22 (Arsenal Boulevard) Western terminus
Paxton Street Access to I-83
Highspire Eisenhower Boulevard Access to PA 283
Middletown PA QR 3032.svg SR 3032 Interchange, Airport Connector
PA 441 (Union Street)
PA 341 (Colebrook Road) Western terminus of PA 341
Toll House Road Access to PA 283
Elizabethtown PA 241 north (Hummelstown Street) / PA 743 north (Hummelstown Street) West end of PA 241/743 concurrency
PA 241 south (Bainbridge Street) East end of PA 241 concurrency
PA 743 south (Landis Road) East end of PA 743 concurrency
Rheems Cloverleaf Road Access to PA 283
Mount Joy PA 772 east (Manheim Street) West end of PA 772 concurrency
PA 772 west (Marietta Avenue) East end of PA 772 concurrency
Salunga PA 283 Interchange, eastern terminus,
Harrisburg Pike continues east just before interchange.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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