Limited release

Limited release

Limited release is a term in the American motion picture industry for a motion picture that is playing in a select few theaters across the country (typically in cities such as New York and Los Angeles).

A limited release is often used to gauge the appeal of an independent film – especially of documentaries and art films. A common practice by major film studios is to give highly anticipated and critically-acclaimed films a limited release in December in New York and Los Angeles in order to qualify them for an Academy Award nomination, as set out by the rules outlined by the Academy. These films would often receive a wider release later in January or February.

In the modern Japanese music industry, the term "limited release" is also used to denote a musical release that will only be produced in limited quantities. This differs from a limited edition, as it implies there will be no alternative or second issuing.

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*Film release
*Roadshow theatrical release
*Wide release
*Art film
*Documentary film

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