Sittang River

Sittang River

The Sittang (known as the Sittoung in earlier romanisations) is a river in Burma (in Bago Division except for a part near the mouth which borders on Mon State), located in the south of the country between the Irrawaddy and Salween Rivers. The Pegu Yoma range separates its basin from that of the Irrawaddy.

The river originates at the edge of the Shan Plateau southeast of Mandalay, and flows southward to the Gulf of Martaban. Its length is 420 km and its mean annual discharge is around 50 cubic kilometres per year.

Although it flows through fairly flat country, the Sittang has a notorious tidal bore at its mouth which has precluded any but very small craft navigating the river. Strong currents make the river even less valuable as a means of transport in eastern Burma. its basin does not have the same richness for agriculture as the Irrawaddy because there is no soil flowing from the Himalayas.

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