Dog Gone / All You Can't Eat

Dog Gone / All You Can't Eat

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Title = Dog Gone / All You Can't Eat
Series = CatDog

Caption =
Season = 1
Episode = 1
Airdate = October 4, 1998
Production = 01
Writer = Peter Hannan
Director = Peter Hannan
Producer =
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"Dog Gone / All You Can't Eat" is the first episode of the animated TV series "CatDog", which aired on October 4, 1998.


"Dog Gone"

Cat decides he wants some quiet time to himself, so Dog puts on "the suit" and leaves Cat. However, Cat finds out just how much he really misses Dog. He tries his hardest to read, write, or eat, but he feels so guilty that he makes Dog come out.

"All You Can't Eat"

CatDog want to eat at a taco restaurant named the "Taco Depot" (a parody of Taco Bell), but Rancid Rabbit, the manager, bans them from entering. They try sneaking in numerous ways, but are caught every time. Eventually, Mr. Depot gives their friend, Dunglap (who had just started his first day on the job) control of Taco Depot, and lets CatDog eat there whenever they want.

Production notes

*The most memorable sneak-in is Cat dressed as a woman, catching Rancid's eye.
*Rancid Rabbit is first seen.
*CatDog's house is a giant bone-fish.

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