Cağ kebab

Cağ kebab

Cağ kebab ( _tr. Cağ kebabı, IPA|/ˈdʒaː kebabɯ/) is a kebab variety, originating in Turkey's Erzurum Province, with the districts of Tortum and Oltu hotly disputing the title for the actual place of origin. In accordance with the yet unresolved discussion on its hometown, this kebab variety is sometimes also called "Oltu kebabı" or "Tortum kebabı" depending on the preference of the restaurateur.

It is a rather recent introduction into Turkey's larger cities and is met with increasing popularity. It is practically exclusively prepared by kebab "usta"s [ "Usta" is a Turkish word, similar in its sense to the French word "maître" although its scope of use is wider, and it is a title, usually added after the first name, to denote a master of any craft or trade. ] from Erzurum, in restaurants often also owned, managed and staffed by natives of the same region and is as such, deeply associated with Erzurum.

Cağ Kebab is also called "yatık döner" ("horizontal döner"), although the meat used and its preparation differs from döner kebab. Cubes of lamb are marinated, as a first stage, with a marinade of onions and spices, and then roasted over wood fire first on a horizontal rotating spit, and finally on a skewer alongside tomatoes and peppers.

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