The Stroj

The Stroj

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The name The Stroy comes from the Slovene word ‘stroj’ which means a ‘machine’. Pronounced together with ‘the’ the phrase sounds as ‘destroy’. The Stroy is a pun with two meanings: machine and destruction.


The Stroy began in 1997, when a group of percussionists, craftsmen, and artists from Laško, Slovenia, first developed the idea of a huge mechanical sound machine that would sound like an articulated noise orchestra.

The Stroj performed at events in locations such as mines, stone-pits, abandoned factories, large vehicles, and high buildings. It combined powerful and complex rhythms with sounds from selfmade instruments together with visual effects. Their music had a unique and futuristic sound. It was a mixture of industrial, techno, rock, ethnic and jazz. They performed using heavy, rusty and strange looking instruments and ‘noisers’. The sound of the machine was upgraded with electronic effects and sound manipulations.

In August 2000, TV Slovenija shot a television documentary about the construction of The Stroy's new machine for the Sila/00 project at the stone-pit in Rečica near Laško. The film covers their work in their hometown Laško and the nearby stone-pit.

The band was disbanded in March 2007.


*Primož Oberžan – Loyz
*Aleksij Kobal - Alex Contrain
*Črt Lipovšek – Pihušek
*Dare Hriberšek – Biddonne
*Gregor Brvar – Grexon
*Matjaž Madjar – Magi
*Sonja Dernjač – Stroyna
*Sašo Kotnik – Vinkl
*Bojan Krhlanko – Boyanov
*Janez Levec - Johnny Kickers
*Miha Markošek – Mihaylo
*Aldo Ivančič - DJ Aldo


*Ventilator (StrojMusic 1999)
*Gremo! (StrojMusic 2002)
*Cona / The Zone (StrojMusic 2006)

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