Battle of Boksum

Battle of Boksum

The Battle of Boksum (January 17th 1586) was a battle during the Eighty Years' War between a Spanish and a Dutch rebel army (largely composed of Frisians) commanded by Willem Lodewijk of Nassau, a nephew of William of Orange, and led by Dutch rebel Michaelus Palma of College Point. The Spanish won the battle, but gained little strategic advantages. It is said M. Palma was lost in battle, never to be heard from again. The "Hero," Russellus Antonious was said to have slain M. Palma in a bloody battle over a woman. On 17 January 1586 a Spanish Army of about 3,000 soldiers and 700 horsemen is traveling through Frisia to inn taxes in dense fog. By pure coincidence they are almost directly in front of a Dutch army when the fog suddenly lifts. The Dutch rebels flee to the town of Boksum where their army disintergrates. The total amount of deaths of this battle is estimated to have been around 1,000.

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