"Rosenberg" is a Germanic-language family name and toponym. Its principal meaning is "mountain of roses", from ' + '. However, as a toponym, in some locations it may have originally meant "red mountain" or simply "red hill", from ' + '. The terminal consonant of the /rot/-/roθ/-/roð/-/ros/ syllable has varied across regions and centuries; there are many variations of the name, including "Rosenberg, Rotenberg, Rothenberg, Rodenberg", and "Rozenberg". Today there are many people around the world whose central-European ancestors adopted the surname, including many Ashkenazim.

Thus "Rosenberg" can refer to:

Place names and locations

*Rosenberg, Baden, a municipality in the district Neckar-Odenwald, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
*Rosenberg (Ostalb), a municipality in the district Ostalbkreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
*Sulzbach-Rosenberg in the district Amberg-Sulzbach, Bavaria, Germany
* Rosenberg, Texas, Fort Bend County, USA
* Rozenburg, the town and municipality in the Netherlands
* the German names for :
** Susz, in Poland ("Rosenberg in Westpreußen", West Prussia)
** Olesno, in Poland (Upper Silesia)
** Ružomberok, in Slovakia
** Rožmberk nad Vltavou ("Rosenberg an der Moldau") with Rožmberk Castle ("Burg Rosenberg") in the Czech Republic

Family name

* Alexander Rosenberg American philosopher of science
* Alfred Rosenberg, Nazi government official (Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg)
* Arthur Rosenberg, historian and writer
* Douglas Rosenberg, a fictional character in El Cazador de la Bruja
* Erno Rosenberg, Finnish footballer
* Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, the only Americans to be executed for espionage
* Harold Rosenberg, American art critic, creator of the term "action painting"
* Henry Rosenberg, emigrated in 1843 from Switzerland to Galveston, Texas where he made his fortune in banking, real estate, and transportation
* Hilding Rosenberg, Swedish composer
* House of Rosenberg Bohemian Rosenberg dynasty (in Bohemian and Czech, "Rozmberk") Lords of Krumlov and Rozmberk,
* Isaac Rosenberg, First World War poet
* Janet Rosenberg, the Guyanese political leader.
* Joel C. Rosenberg, American political thriller author
* Jonathan Rosenberg
* , character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
* Lars Rosenberg, heavy metal musician
* Louis Conrad Rosenberg, American etcher
* Michael Rosenberg, bridge player
* Markus Rosenberg, Swedish footballer
* Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., American psychologist and the creator of Nonviolent Communication
* Otto Rosenberg, Russian sinologist
* Paul Rosenberg, French art dealer
* Rick Rosenberg, an American film and television producer
* Richie Rosenberg, American trombonist and talk show personality
* Scott Rosenberg (journalist)
* Stuart Rosenberg, American film director
* Steve Rosenberg, American surgeon, cancer immunotherapy pioneer
* Willow Rosenberg, character in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

ee also

* Rosenberg Trio, a group of musicians from the Sinti tribe who are famed for their virtuoso playing in the Manouche style, the Gypsy Jazz as originated by Django Reinhardt
* The Rosenbergs, American musical group
*Rosenberg Brothers Department Store building, listed on the National Register of Historic Places
* The House of Rožmberk, History of the Rosenbergs (Rozmberks) noble family of Southern Bohemia and Lords of Krumlov and Rozmberk


* Alan Rothenberg


* David I. Rozenberg
* Grzegorz Rozenberg
* Joshua Rozenberg
* Matais Rozenberg
* Nikolay Yakovlevich Rozenberg


* House of Rožmberk, noble Southern Bohemian family, Lords of Krumlov and Rožmberk (Rosenberg)

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