List of characters in Fist of the North Star

List of characters in Fist of the North Star

The following is a list of fictional characters from the manga and anime franchise "Fist of the North Star" by Tetsuo Hara and Buronson. All characters are from the original manga unless otherwise noted.

Hokuto Shinken

"Hokuto Shinken" (officially translated as the "God Fist of the North Star", among other names) is the primary fighting style in the series. A martial art which is 18-centuries-old, Hokuto Shinken uses the body's 708 vital points to destroy or heal from within. The art can only be passed down from one master to a single student, and thus the dispute between Kenshiro and his adoptive brothers becomes the central plot during the first half of the manga's run.


Kenshiro is the protagonist of the series. He is the youngest of Ryuken's adopted sons and the chosen successor to the "Hokuto Shinken" style.


Raoh is the main antagonist for most of the first series. He is the eldest of Ryuken's adopted sons and is also trained in Hokuto Shinken. He takes on the mantle of Ken-Oh (Fist King), the self-proclaimed "Conqueror of the Century's End."


was the sifu who adopted and trained Raoh, Toki, Jagi, and Kenshiro in the Hokuto Shinken style. After he chose Kenshiro as his successor, he was slain by Raoh, a feat made possible by chance; he suffered a stroke at the moment he was about to seal Raoh's fist. Kenshiro did not know the real cause of Ryuken's death, having been told that Ryuken died from illness, until Toki revealed the shameful secret during their first battle. Both Kenshiro and Raoh reflect on Ryuken's teachings during difficult situations. Ryuken appears in "Fist of the Blue Sky" under his former identity, Ramon Kasumi.

Ryuken was voiced by Ryūji Saikachi in the TV series and 1986 movie, although he first voiced by Junji Chiba in a flashback in episode 5. The young Ryuken who appears in flashbacks was voiced by Kōji Totani. Ryuken is voiced by Chikao Ōtsuka in the "Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu" movie series.


constellation. After Yuda betrayed the Six Sacred Fists and joined Raoh's army, the group was divided into two factions: one for preserving order and another for promoting chaos. The fighting styles of each of the Nanto Roku Seiken is affiliated with an avian totem.


Yuria is Kenshiro's fiancee. Kidnapped by Shin and later presumed dead, she is eventually revealed to be the last Nanto General.


is the successor of is the successor of . Vain and treacherous, Yuda earned his title due to his egotistical vanity and considers himself to be the most beautiful of all warriors. He keeps a harem of female slaves in his castle and is willing to sacrifice his own underlings for his self-serving needs. In the past, Yuda left the "Nanto Roku Seiken" to side with Ken-oh's army, an act which divided the six "Nanto" stars. Yuda serves as Rei's final opponent prior to his death. The two men hold a mutual disdain against each other: Rei against Yuda for tormenting Mamiya in the past, and Yuda against Rei since he considered Rei's "Suichōken" style unworthy to his "Kōkakuken" style. In truth, Yuda was both insanely jealous and enamoured by Rei's beauty and style.

Yuda was voiced by Bin Shimada in the TV series.


. He is the leader of the resistance movement against Souther. Shuu is a blind warrior who sacrificed his eyesight to save a young Kenshiro during a fighting tournament. Despite his blindness, Shuu is able to sense with the power of his mind. He later meets Kenshiro again in the present and convinces him to join his cause. After Kenshiro is defeated and imprisoned by Souther, Shuu's son Shiva rescues Kenshiro at the cost of his own life. Shuu himself is also captured protecting his people and sacrifices himself to protect the future generation. With his dying wish, Shuu is able to see Kenshiro's face as his eyesight miraculously returns.

Shuh was voiced by Katsuji Mori in the TV series and Hōchū Ōtsuka in the "Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu" movie series.


, which like "Hokuto Shinken", can only be passed down from a single master to a chosen student. Unlike most arts, the Phoenix style has no defined fighting stance. Souther is introduced as a merciless warlord who proclaims himself to be , is a giant "Goshasei" warrior who fights with his immense strength and size. A gentle giant who takes care of orphaned children, Fudoh befriends Ken, Bat and Lin, in order to lead Ken into the Nanto Capital. He is the one who reveals the Last General's identity to Ken. In the past, Fudoh was an outlaw who once terrified a young Raoh, until he learned compassion from a young Yuria, who stood up to him. Fudoh is challenged by Raoh, who seeks to overcome his fear against Ken by confronting Fudoh. Fudoh's persistence against Raoh makes him to retreat slightly, causing Raoh's men to interfere in the fight and mortally wound Fudoh with large spears. Fudoh was voiced by Shōzō Iizuka in the TV series and Daisuke Gōri in the 2006 movie series.


is the General of the Red Light. A friend of Falco, Shoki attempts to escape from the Imperial Capital following an elaborate ruse, but is caught and killed by Shieno (Boltz in the TV series). In the past, Shoki allowed Kenshiro and an ill Yuria to stay in his home village following Raoh's defeat, which was where Yuria spent her remainder of her life.

Hokuto Ryūken

and the is the "Hokuto Ryūken" master who trained the three "Rashō" and Shachi. In the past, he went through a demonic possession as a result of his misuse of his style, killing his wife and child, but was rescued by Ryuken. He then trained Kaioh and Hyoh, sealing Hyoh's memories of Kenshiro and his knowledge of the original Hokuto style. In the present, he forms part of Leia's resistance and attempts to undo the seal, but gets killed in the process.


: "Voiced by": Arisa Andō: Rei's younger sister, who was kidnapped and sold into slavery by Jagi. The Fang Clan manage to get a hold of her to use her as a leverage against Rei, but she is rescued by Ken and Rei. She remains in Mamiya's village and gains the courage to defend herself with the help of Lin.; : "Voiced by": Mika Doi (TV series), Yuko Kaida ("Yuria Den"): The daughter of Rihaku. She disguises herself as the Last General of Nanto and then attempts to dissuade Raoh from taking Yuria by offering herself to him instead. After being rejected, she takes her own life in front of him.; : "Voiced by": Saori Sugimoto: Ein's young daughter, to whom he refers to as his "girl". In the TV series it was further established that she was his adopted daughter, whom he adopted from a young widow that used to take care of him. The widow was killed by bandits and Ein adopted Asuka as his own.; are two dangerous brothers that were captured by Ein in the past through luck and wit (ironically they would be rescued by Ein and Kenshiro). They are masters of : "Voiced by": Daisuke Gōri, Nobuaki Kakuda (2007 movie): Father of Shachi and also a one legged and one eyed pirate that transported Kenshiro reluctantly to Asura. He gave a mission to Kenshiro to find his son Shachi that somehow got lost in Asura. Albeit he is portrayed as a brutal pirate in the beginning, he did reveal his good side at the end especially when he tried to save a fatally injured Kenshiro. He was killed by Kaio's hidden crossbow however he did managed to find his son Shachi. Raoh personally thanked Akashachi at some point. After his death, his son wore his eye patch in his memory.; : The second Viceroy of Sava and Asam's middle son. He was born under the sign of the Blue Emperor. After the death of Asam and Kai, he attempts to leave the Kingdom along with Satora, but Satora forces him to stay.; , a giant in viking armor who claims that no single prisoner has ever escaped Cassandra under his watch. Uighur is master of a Taishan fighting style involving the use of whips and his special technique is a powerful shoulder tackle called the style. The twins are honorable warriors whose younger brother, Mitsu, is being kept hostage by Uighur and his men. Kenshiro, Rei and Mamiya head to Cassandra to rescue Toki, who is being kept prisoner there.

Uighur appears in the 1986 movie as a public executioner and the second-in-command in Ken-oh's army and fights Rei before Raoh does.

Ken-oh's army

Beginning with the Cassandra arc, Kenshiro and his allies faces against Ken-oh's numerous minions thorough the remaining first half of the series. These includes Ken-oh's Royal Guards at Cassandra, led by the Arabian swordsmen Zarqa and Qasim; the Ken-oh Transformation Attack Squad, led by a man posing as an old woman named Dekai Baba; the Ken-oh Invasion Squad, led by the fire-breather Gallon; the Dog Master Galf, who controls Medicine City; Gonzu, A cruel record holder in Human Hammer Throw; Hiruka, a "Taizan Yōken" master who challenges Fudoh; and Jadow, a biker (among others).

Yuda's gang

Kenshiro and Rei face Yuda's minions before Rei's battle with Yuda. They are recognizable by the "UD" tattoos on their bodies. Two of Yuda's most notable minions include the "Nanto Hiyoku Ken" master . In reality, when Raoh was about to leave the Gento village after Falco convinced him to leave it alone, Raoh told Falco that Jakoh had evil intentions and that Falco should kill him. Falco was unable to at the time because Falco's mother had raised Jakoh as well and would have been heartbroken. After Lui is saved, Falco himself kills Jakoh in an act of vengeance.; , the General of the Blue Light, a renegade Gento warrior who fills Shieno's role.

Warriors of Asura

The warriors that Ken and his allies faces during the Land of Asura arc are masters of unique martial art styles. Some of the notable Asuras featured in the story include: the : "Voiced by": Yusaku Yara: Appears in "Yuria Den" as Yuria's predecessor of Last General of Nanto. He also served as Yuria and Ryūga's guardian when they were children. He gave his position to Yuria before his death. He originally appeared in the manga as an unnamed character in a flashback.; : Two minions of Souther's who had mastered the art of "Nanto Hien Ken" (南斗飛燕拳, South Dipper Swallow Fist").; : Master of , a style that can can attack people without being seen at all. He is actually a very plain looking man, but he controls the Meiō Army completely in secret. He was able to defeat Ryūga and fatally wound Souga, but was unable to defeat Raoh.

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