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name = Calaverite
category = Telluride Mineral
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formula = AuTe2
molweight = 452.17 gm
color = Brass yellow to silver white
habit = Bladed and slender striated prisms, also massive granular
system = Monoclinic - Prismatic
twinning = Common on [110]
cleavage = None
fracture = Uneven to subconchoidal
tenacity = Brittle
mohs = 2.5-3
luster = Metallic
polish =
refractive =
opticalprop = Anisotropic
birefringence =
dispersion =
pleochroism = Weak
fluorescence= None
absorption =
streak = Green to yellow grey
gravity = 9.1-9.3
density =
melt =
fusibility =
diagnostic =
solubility =
diaphaneity = opaque
other =
references = [ [ Calaverite: Calaverite mineral information and data ] ] [ [ Calaverite Mineral Data ] ] [ [ CALAVERITE (Gold Telluride) ] ]

Calaverite, or gold telluride, is an uncommon telluride of gold; it is a metallic mineral. It was first discovered in Calaveras County, California in 1861. Its chemical formula is AuTe2. Its color may range from a silvery white to a brassy yellow. It is closely related to the gold - silver telluride sylvanite. Another mineral containing AuTe2 is krennerite. Calaverite represents a minor ore of gold and tellurium.

Physical properties

Calaverite occurs as monoclinic crystals, which do not possess cleavage planes. It has a specific gravity of 9.35 and a hardness of 2.5.

Chemical properties

Calaverite can be dissolved in concentrated sulfuric acid. In hot sulfuric acid the mineral dissolves, leaving a spongy mass of gold in a red solution of tellurium.


Calaverite occurrences include Cripple Creek, Colorado; Calaveras County, California, USA (from where it gets its name); Nagyag, Romania; Kirkland Lake Gold District, Ontario; Rouyn District, Quebec; and Kalgoorlie, Australia.

In the Kalgoorlie gold rush of the 1890s, large amounts of calaverite were mistaken for fool's gold, and were discarded. The mineral deposits were used as a building material, and for the filling of potholes and ruts. Several years later, the nature of the mineral was identified, leading to a minor gold rush to excavate the streets.

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