Traumatic neuroma

Traumatic neuroma


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A traumatic neuroma is a type of neuroma which results from trauma to a nerve, usually during a surgical procedure. The most common oral locations are on the tongue and near the mental foramen of the mouth. [Kahn, Michael A. Basic Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology. Volume 1. 2001.] They are relatively rare on the head and neck. [cite journal |author=Lee EJ, Calcaterra TC, Zuckerbraun L |title=Traumatic neuromas of the head and neck |journal=Ear, nose, & throat journal |volume=77 |issue=8 |pages=670–4, 676 |year=1998 |pmid=9745184 |doi=]

It is also known as "pseudoneuroma". [Dorlands|n_07|12569601]


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