Rome (disambiguation)

Rome (disambiguation)

Rome is the capital city of Italy.

Rome may also refer to:
* Ancient Rome, a civilization of classical antiquity
* The modern day Province of Rome
* People of Ancient Rome (see Roman)
** The Roman Empire
** The Roman Catholic Church
** Paul's Epistle to the Romans

;Places outside Italy
* Rome (Paris Métro), France
* Rome, Georgia, U.S.
* Rome, Illinois, U.S.
* Rome, Indiana, U.S.
* Rome City, Indiana, U.S.
* Rome, Iowa, U.S.
* Rome, Maine, U.S.
* Rome, Maryland, U.S.
* Rome Township, Michigan, U.S.
* Rome Township, Minnesota, U.S.
* Rome, New York, U.S.
* Rome, Ohio, U.S.
* Rome, Oregon, U.S.
* Rome, Pennsylvania, U.S.
* Rome Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, U.S.
* Rome Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, U.S.
* Rome, Adams County, Wisconsin, U.S.
* Rome, Jefferson County, Wisconsin, U.S.

* "Rome" (TV series)

* "", a computer strategy game
* "", a computer adventure game
* Rome (band), an apocalyptic martial pop band
* Rome (musician), an American R&B singer popular in the 1990s

* Rome process, an international effort to define and categorize the functional gastrointestinal disorders

* Rome Laboratory (formerly Rome Air Development Center, RADC), a research and development laboratory of the U.S. Air Force

* Rome, Wisconsin, a fictional town on the TV show "Picket Fences"
* Rome SDS, a snowboard manufacturer based in Waterbury, Vermont, U.S.

People with the family name Rome

* Harold Rome (1908–1993), American composer
* Jim Rome (born 1964), American sports radio talk show host
* Richie Rome, American conductor and producer, active in the 1970s
* Sydne Rome (born 1951), American actress

ee also

* Rome II
* Roma
* Roman
* New Rome
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* Rome Township
* Roman Empire (disambiguation)
* Rûm

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