French constitutional referendum, 2000

French constitutional referendum, 2000

On 24 September 2000, a referendum on the reduction of the mandate of the President of the French Republic was held to determine whether the mandate of the President should be reduced from seven years to five years in line with terms in office in other European countries.

The turnout of the referendum was extremely low, with an abstention rate of nearly 70%. Of those who voted, 73% were in favour of the reduction.

The aim of the "quinquennat" (five-years term) was to have the legislative election immediately succeed the presidential election (as in 2007, the presidential election took place in April-May 2007, while the legislative election took place in June), thus providing similar electoral results and thus avoiding the risk of a cohabitation.

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* [,,373235,00.html "French poll sounds alarm to political elite"] The Guardian, 26 September 2000

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