Whirl (Transformers)

Whirl (Transformers)

Whirl is the name of a fictional character from the Transformers universes.

Transformers: Generation 1

Transformers character
name =Whirl
caption =Whirl Box Art
affiliation =Autobot
subgroup =Deluxe Vehicles
Micro Vehicles
rank =
function =Aerial Assault
partner =
motto ="If used logically, madness makes a great weapon."
alternatemodes =Schweizer 330
Aerospatiale SA 365 Dauphin N2 Helicopter (Classic)
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The toy company Hasbro licensed a robot toy from the Japanese anime series Dorvack (1983-1984) to sell in the Transformers line under the new name Whirl. The original robot was "VH-64 MR Oberon Gazzette", and Katsumi Itabashi and Nobuyoshi Haraba designed the mechanics in Dorvack.

Animated series

Whirl was among those Transformers toys that did not appear in the Transformers animated series because the show was going to appear in Japan, where the toy was owned by Takara's rivals.

Marvel Comics

Whirl was a member of the elite Autobot commando unit known as the Wreckers. He was seen in action in the "Target: 2006" storyline (issues 78-88 of the U.K. comic series). Future appearances were limited to background cameos and he did not feature at all in the decimation of the Wreckers in the "Time Wars" storyline (issues 199-205 of the U.K. comic).

Fun Publications

Based on the Transformers Classics toy line, the Timelines 2007 story is set 15 years after the end of the Marvel Comics story (ignoring all events of the Marvel U.K. and Generation 2 comics).

Although Whirl has yet to be depicted in the comics, he did have a toy made for the line, which was the basis for his form when he appeared in the Classicverse Lithograph sold of BotCon 2007. In this art he was depicted with Generation 1 Whirl's head.

Dreamwave Productions

Whirl appeared in the second War Within comic series by Dreamwave as a member of the Wreckers lead by Springer.

Whirl also appeared alongside Ultra Magnus and Roadbuster at the armory in Generation 1. He then appeared alongside Roadbuster again in a battle against Menasor. The two was knocked down by Menasor, and whether Whirl survived was unknown.

3H Enterprises

Universe Whirl appeared among the many prisoners of Unicron who escaped with the help of Optimus Primal in Transformers: Universe #2.

IDW Publishing

Whirl appeared in issue #2 of "Megatron Origin". In this story, set on ancient Cybertron he was a member of an Autobot security force in the city of Kaon. His squad was hunting the operators of gladiatorial contests in the degenerate slums, particularly Megatron.

Whirl appeared, in Cybertronian form, in issue #2 of the series by IDW Publishing. He aided Springer's Wreckers on the planet Varas Centralus in the Kol system when Optimus Prime redeployed the Wreckers for a mission on Cybertron. They later defeated Bludgeon and his acolytes. Whirl also participated in the battle against Thunderwing and was later shown inspecting Thunderwing's inert corpse.

Whirl appeared in "Spotlight: Doubledealer" where he was among the Autobots fighting Thunderwing on the planet Corata-Vaz.

Transformers Collectors Club magazine

In the comic story found in issue 8 of the Transformers Collectors Club magazine "Cybertron/Robots in Disguise" Optimus Prime told the story of the last battle he was in, set in the Transformers: Universe storyline. Alongside "10th Anniversary" Optimus Primal they attacked the last of Unicron's forces when Unicron suddenly disappeared, and they barely escaped. Among the Autobot forces were "Universe" Fireflight, King Atlas, "Universe Night Slash" Cheetor, "Universe" Longhorn, "Universe" Prowl, "Universe" Repugnus, Rhinox, Roulette, "Universe" Side Burn, Sideswipe, "Universe" Silverbolt, Sunstreaker, Tap-Out, Trailbreaker, "Cybertron/Robots in Disguise" Ultra Magnus and "Universe" Whirl. Among the Decepticons were "Universe" Blackarachnia, Nemesis Strika, "Universe" Obsidian, "Universe" Razorclaw, Reptilion and "Universe" Skywarp.


*Generation 1 Whirl (1985):The toy relicensed from the Japanese anime series Dorvack. The original robot was the "VH-64 MR Oberon Gazzette," designed by Katsumi Itabashi and Nobuyoshi Haraba in 1983.:In the 1980's Transformers were such a success that Hasbro wanted to get as much product out on the shelves with the Transformers name on it as possible. Since they were running out of old Takara molds to use, they obtained licences to use the molds of other companies' robot toys in the Transformers line. Whirl, Shockwave, Jetfire, Omega Supreme, Roadbuster, Chop Shop, Venom, Barrage and Ransack were among those molds. With the licences to those toys now expired Hasbro and Takara no longer have legal rights to those figures and cannot reissue them.

*Transformers: Universe Whirl :A repaint of Turbomaster Rotorstorm was released as a homage to Generation 1 Whirl in the "Transformers: Universe" toy line. He came with two Mini-Con partners, but had no Mini-Con points to connect them. He appeared in the Transformers: Universe comics by 3H, but spoke no lines, and received no tech specs of bio. Most fans assume he is an upgrade of Generation 1 Whirl.

*Transformers Classics Whirl (2007):A repaint of Micro Class Evac was released as a homage to Generation 1 Whirl in the Transformers classics toy line.:The fusilage length of the actual helicoper Whirl is based on is 11.64 meters long. The Micro class version of the toy is only 10.5 centimeters long, giving it a scale of about 1:110. Using this information would indicate Whirl would stand about 23 feet tall in robot mode.:A Chinese made bootleg of this toy was released in 2007 called "Super Change to United". This version of the toy was slightly redecoed and remolded so he could become the left arm of a Legends combiner with 4 other Legends bootlegs.

*Attacktix Whirl (2007):Announced for the second wave of Transformers Attacktix figures is Whirl, based on his Transformers: Universe vehicle mode.

*Transformers 3D Battle-Card Game Whirl (2007):Produced by Wizards of the Coast, wave 2 of their Transformers 3D Battle-Card Game included a Whirl card, who was a redeco of Blackout from wave 1.

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