Hungary at the 1912 Summer Olympics

Hungary at the 1912 Summer Olympics

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Hungary competed at the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden.Austrian and Hungarian results at early Olympic Games are generally kept separate despite the union of the two nations as Austria-Hungary at the time.



* Jenő Fuchs — Fencing, Men's Sabre
* Jenő Fuchs, László Berti, Ervin Mészáros, Dezső Földes, Oszkár Gerde, Zoltán Schenker, Péter Tóth and Lajos Werkner — Fencing, Men's Team Sabre
* Sándor Prokopp — Shooting, Men's 300m military rifle, three positions


* Béla Békéssy — Fencing, Men's Sabre
* Men's Team — Gymnastics


* Mór Kóczán — Athletics, Men's Javelin
* Ervin Mészáros — Fencing, Men's Sabre
* Béla Varga — Wrestling, Greco-Roman light heavyweight


27 athletes represented Hungary. It was the fifth appearance of the nation in athletics, in which Hungary had competed at each Olympics. Kóczán's bronze medal in the javelin throw was the only athletics medal won by a Hungarian; he and Wardener were the only two to advance to the finals via eliminations (Kárpáti and Ripszám ran the marathon, which consisted of only the final). Wardener finished 9th in the high jump.

Ranks given are within that athlete's heat for running events.


date = 1912-06-30
team1 = fb-rt|GBR
score = 7 – 0
team2 = fb|HUN
goals1 = Walden goal|21 goal|23 goal|49 goal|53 goal|55 goal|85 Woodward goal|45
goals2 =
stadium = Olympiastadion, Stockholm
attendance = 8,000

Consolation semifinalsfootballbox
date = 1912-07-03
team1 = fb-rt|HUN
score = 3 – 1
team2 = fb|GER
goals1 = Schlosser goal|3 goal|39 goal|82
goals2 = Förderer goal|56
stadium = Råsunda Stadium, Stockholm
attendance = 2,000

Consolation finalfootballbox
date = 1912-07-05
team1 = fb-rt|HUN
score = 3 – 0
team2 = fb|AUT
goals1 = Schlosser goal|32
Pataki goal|60
Bodnár goal|76
goals2 =
stadium = Råsunda Stadium, Stockholm
attendance = 5,000
;Final rank: 5th place


Seventeen gymnasts represented Hungary. The nation entered four gymnasts in the individual competition, with Elemér Pászti having the best performance at 13th place. The Hungarian team entered one of the three team competitions and won the silver medal.



Eleven rowers represented Hungary. It was the nation's second appearance in rowing. The Hungarian rowers had little success in 1912. Both of the scullers, including defending bronze medalist Károly Levitsky, had byes in the first round but were eliminated in the quarterfinals. The eights team was also defeated in its first race, in the preliminary heats.

(Ranks given are within each crew's heat.)


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