Chaos Communication Congress

Chaos Communication Congress
The 23C3 in December 2006

The Chaos Communication Congress is an annual meeting of the international hacker scene, organized by the Chaos Computer Club. The congress features a variety of lectures and workshops on technical and political issues.

The event has taken place regularly at the end of the year since 1984. A fixed time frame (December 27 to December 30) has been established for a couple of years now. The Congress, having grown up in Hamburg, moved to Berlin in 1998. It usually attracts between 2,500 and 3,500 participants. The 2008 meeting had a record attendance of 4,230.

A large range of speakers are part of the scene and organizational work is done by volunteers usually called Chaos Angels. The non-members entry fee for four days has been 80 Euros since 2006.

An important part of the Congress is the hack center allowing room for around 600 people to operate their devices. The hack center and other areas of the Congress are connected to the Internet with a broadband connection. The hack center is considered a huge laboratory for operating and testing modern network technology and software.

From 1997 to 2004 the Congress also hosted the annual German Lockpicking Championships. 2005 was the first year the Congress lasted four days instead of three and lacked the German Lockpicking Championships.


Congresses taken place so far

The congresses mostly take place with a certain motto, reflecting the zeitgeist and congress topics. They had to move already several times from smaller into bigger venue buildings due to the increasing number of participants. Currently it is held in Berlin, Germany.

No. Year Motto short venue place
1 1984 CCC'84 nach Orion'64 Eidelstedter Bürgerhaus in Hamburg, Germany
2 1985 Du Darfst
3 1986 Damit Sie auch morgen noch kraftvoll zubyten können
4 1987 Offene Netze – Jetzt!
5 1988 ich glaub' es hackt
6 1989 Offene Grenzen: Cocomed zuhauf
7 1990 - no motto -
8 1991 Per Anhalter durch die Netze
9 1992 Es liegt was in der Luft
10 1993 Ten years after Orwell
11 1994 Internet im Kinderzimmer – Big business is watching you?! Bikini-Haus in Berlin, Germany
12 1995 Pretty Good Piracy – verdaten und verkauft Eidelstedter Bürgerhaus in Hamburg, Germany
13 1996 Der futurologische Congress – Leben nach der Internetdepression
14 1997 Nichts ist wahr. Alles ist erlaubt.
15 1998 All Rights Reversed Haus am Köllnischen Park in Berlin, Germany
16 1999 - no Motto - 16C3
17 2000 Explicit Lyrics 17C3
18 2001 Hacking Is Not A Crime 18C3
19 2002 Out Of Order 19C3
20 2003 Not A Number 20C3
Berliner Congress Center in Berlin, Germany [1]
21 2004 The Usual Suspects 21C3
22 2005 Private Investigations 22C3
23 2006 Who can you trust? 23C3
24 2007 Volldampf voraus! 24C3
25 2008 Nothing To Hide! 25C3
26 2009 Here Be Dragons 26C3
27 2010 We come in peace 27C3
28 2011 Behind enemy lines 28C3

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