Library instruction

Library instruction

Library instruction includes instruction on both how to evaluate information resources and how to use library resources such as the library catalog or other bibliographic databases. A related term, information literacy, is used to mean the basic orientation of students and citizens in the use of information resources in general, including the fundamentals of library use.

Some debate exists within the library community about whether instruction on how to use library systems is necessary, or if efforts are better spent making systems easier to use such that they require no instruction.

Some university libraries are offering specialized instructional sessions. This is when a librarian works one-on-one with a user to assist them with specific research goals. Sometimes referred to as a "term paper clinic" or "research consultation."

Other high schools, universities, and colleges encourage their faculty members to sign their students up for a "one shot" library instruction session during the semester. These class meetings are often held just before a term paper is assigned, and the goal of the librarian is to orient the class to the best library sources for use in a term paper.

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"For a more general discussion, see Information literacy"


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