Estonian Greens

Estonian Greens

Infobox Estonian Political Party
party_name = Erakond Eestimaa Rohelised
color_code =
leadership = Marek Strandberg
Mikk Sarv
Valdur Lahtvee
foundation = November 25, 2006
ideology = Ecologism,Green politics
international =
european = European Greens
europarl =
colours = Green
headquarters = Toom-Rüütli 10-3, Tallinn
website = []

Estonian Greens ("Erakond Eestimaa Rohelised") is an Estonian green political party. Valdur Lahtvee, an organizer, reported that on 2006-11-01, more than 1000 members had been recruited for the Green Party Initiative Group to register as a political party under Estonian law, opening doors for running at the coming parliament elections in March 2007.

On November 25, 2006, the party held its general assembly, with 361 representatives of the 1203 members. The programme of the party was ratified and the board of 13 members elected. Marek Strandberg noted that the goal of the party was to win at least 5 Riigikogu seats in the upcoming elections and to form a Greens parliamentary caucus. The main points of the programme were: protecting Estonia's forests, sea and other resources, combating climate changes, and promoting direct democracy. Economically, the party supports innovativeness and conservative fiscal policies. [ [ Täna asutati Erakond Eestimaa Rohelised - Eesti Päevaleht Online ] ]

In the parliamentary elections held in March 2007, the Estonian Greens received 39,265 votes (7.1% of the total), and thus will hold six seats in the Riigikogu, the first time they will sit in the Riigikogu as a party. [ (1)]


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