CDC is an abbreviation which can mean any of the following:

* Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a principal US government agency
* Communicable Disease Centre
* Community of Democratic Choice, a group of nine Eastern-European states
* Change data capture, in data warehousing
* Clock domain crossing, or simply clock crossing, in computing
* Cedar City Regional Airport, its IATA airport code
* Combat Direction Center, the tactical center of an aircraft carrier

It can also refer to a number of organizations:

* Cameroon Development Corporation
* Center Day Camp, a summer day camp in North Windham, Maine
* Citizens Development Corps, a US government-funded democracy-building project
* Community Development Council, Singapore
* Congress for Democratic Change
* Control Data Corporation - A computer company
* Cult of the Dead Cow
* Consumers for Dental Choice
* "Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya" (Democratic Convergence of Catalonia, a political party)


* Cell-division cycle in biology
* Community Development Corporation in real estate and community development
* Connected Device Configuration (Java ME Profile)
* Cul de Canard, duck feathers used in fly fishing
* Cheerdance competition, either of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines or of the Philippines' National Collegiate Athletic Association.
* USB communications device class

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