Extreme poverty

Extreme poverty

Extreme poverty is the most severe state of poverty. Many cannot meet basic needs for food, water, shelter, sanitation, and health care. [Sachs, Jeffrey (2005). "The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time" Penguin Press Hc ISBN 1-59420-045-9] To determine the affected population, the World Bank defines extreme poverty as living on less than $1.25 per day (adjusted for PPP).cite web| title =World Bank Press Release| url=http://web.worldbank.org/WBSITE/EXTERNAL/NEWS/0,,contentMDK:21881954~pagePK:34370~piPK:34424~theSitePK:4607,00.html] The bank estimates that 1.4 billion people currently live under these conditions.

The eradication of extreme poverty and hunger is the first Millennium Development Goal, as set by 179 United Nations Member States in 2000. Economists and activists consider epidemic diseases (AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis) as crucial factors in and consequences of extreme poverty.Fact|date=August 2008

Extreme poverty is most common in Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central America. The proportion of people in extreme poverty fell from 59 to 19 percent during the 20th century and is now the lowest in history.

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*Jones, Gareth Stedman (2004) "An End to Poverty?" Profile Books LTD ISBN 1-86197-729-8

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