Vaughan (surname)

Vaughan (surname)

Vaughan is a surname, and may refer to many people.


* Adam Vaughan
* Anne Vaughan, Countess of Carbery
* Arky Vaughan


* Benjamin Noel Young Vaughan
* Benji Vaughan
* Bernard Vaughan
* Brian K. Vaughan


* Charles John Vaughan
* Colin Vaughan
* Crawford Vaughan


* David Vaughan (artist)
* Denis Vaughan
* Diana Vaughan


* Eric Vaughan


* Frankie Vaughan


* Geoffrey Vaughan
* Gerard Folliott Vaughan
* Greg Vaughan


* Henry Vaughan
* Henry Vaughan (1721-1754)
* Henry Vaughan (architect)
* Herbert Cardinal Vaughan
* Horace Worth Vaughan


* Ivan Vaughan


* James Vaughan (footballer born 1986)
* James Vaughan (footballer born 1988)
* James David Vaughan (1864-1941), founder of gospel music
* Jimmie Vaughan (b. 1951), singer
* Jodi Vaughan (b. 1950), musician
* John Vaughan, multiple names
* John Griffith Vaughan (1926-2005), botanist
* John Stephen Vaughan (b. 1853), bishop
* John Vaughan, 3rd Earl of Carbery (1639-1713), governor of Jamaica
* Johnny Vaughan (b. 1966), journalist
* Justin Vaughan (b. 1967), New Zealand Cricket executive


* Kaye Vaughan


* Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
* Laura Vaughan


* Margaret Vaughan
* Mark Vaughan
* Michael Vaughan
* Murray Vaughan
* Matthew George Vaughan (Model & Actor b.1986)


* Norman D. Vaughan
* Norman Vaughan (comedian) (1927-2002), British comedian


* Peter Vaughan
* Peter Vaughan-Clarke
* Philip Vaughan - inventor of ball bearing


* Ralph Vaughan Williams (English composer)
* R. M. Vaughan
* Richard Vaughan
* Richard Vaughan (badminton)
* Richard Vaughan (robotics)
* Robert Vaughan
* Robert Vaughan (author)
* Robert Charles Vaughan
* Roger Vaughan
* Roger William Bede Vaughan

* Sarah Vaughan
* Stephen Vaughan
* Stevie Ray Vaughan
* Stoll Vaughan


* Thomas Vaughan (soldier) (c. 1410-1483), Welsh soldier, diplomat, and chamberlain to the eldest son of King Edward IV
* Thomas Vaughan (philosopher) (1621-1666), Welsh


* Vernon H. Vaughan


* William Vaughan (Welsh writer and colonial investor)
* William Vaughan (philanthropist), 16th century
* William Wirt Vaughan, 19th century member of the United States House of Representatives
* William E. Vaughan, American columnist and author

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