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INTEGRITY-178B is a royalty-free ARINC ARINC-653-1–compliant real-time operating system (RTOS) manufactured and marketed by Green Hills Software. It is a subset of the securely partitioned INTEGRITY real-time operating system. It targets demanding, safety-critical applications containing multiple programs with different levels of safety criticality, all executing on a single processor. (The "178B" indicates conformance to DO-178B.)

The INTEGRITY-178B kernel's design guarantees bounded computation times by eliminating features such as dynamic memory allocation. An MMU is used to provide full-system memory protection for all components, including user applications, device drivers, and inter-partition communications. Clocks and timers are protected with access permissions and implemented entirely in software. INTEGRITY-178B uses memory protection and error-handling to provide a secure system with built-in fault isolation and tolerance. At the lowest level, the kernel is protected from malicious access through its object-oriented design and access verification.

Competing operating systems include LynuxWorks' LynxOS-178 [] and Wind River Systems' Platform For Safety Critical ARINC 653 [] .

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* [ INTEGRITY-178B official homepage]

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