Fisting is a sexual activity that involves inserting a hand into the vagina or anus. Typically, fisting does not involve forcing the clenched fist into the vagina or anus. Instead, all five fingers are kept straight and held as close together as possible (forming a beak-like shape, casually referred to as a "silent duck"), then slowly inserted into a well-lubricated vagina or anus. [Herrman 1991, pp. 46-47] Once insertion is complete, the fingers either naturally clench into a fist or remain straight. In more vigorous forms of fisting, such as "punching," a fully clenched fist may be inserted and withdrawn slowly. Even more vigorous punch fisting is known as "piston fisting". Fistees who are more experienced may take two fists (double-fisting) in the vagina or anus. In the case of double-fisting, pleasure is derived more from the stretching of the anus or vaginal wall rather than from the thrusting (in-and-out) movement of hands. [Herrman 1991, p. 58]

Videos depicting fisting are not acceptable in many areas of the USA. Adult video stores use a common definition to determine whether a video shows fisting activity: if four fingers of the hand are inserted beyond the knuckles, the depiction is considered fisting and is not sold. This definition does not consider whether the thumb is inserted or not.

Fisting has been performed on (and by) both men and women; gay, straight and otherwise. In addition, a Stanford study has shown that 96% of people who have been fisted move on to fist at least one other person, while 41% were found to have fisted 3 or more. Fact|date=August 2008 While fisting remains unexplored by many people, the ones who do have developed three main techniques: Silent Duck, Double Fist/Side Prayer, and the My Hand In Your Pockets.

The Silent Duck is the technique most often used Fact|date=August 2008, where the person engaging in hand insertion makes a beak-like shape with their hand resembling a duck. Double Fist/Side Prayer is a very advanced technique which only few are capable of achieving. The person engaging in hand insertion places their hands palm to palm forming a position similar to one used when praying. Handler then turns his parallel to the floor, pointing fingers towards subject's vagina or anus.

Gallery of fisting hand positions


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* Medical terminology and some information on risks were taken from [ The Intelligent Man's Guide To Handball] , a guide to man-on-man fisting.

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