International reactions to the 2006 North Korean nuclear test

International reactions to the 2006 North Korean nuclear test

International reactions to the 2006 North Korean nuclear test were nearly unanimous in their condemnation and denunciation of the test.


*flag|Egypt: The Egyptian Foreign Ministry expressed its concern over the test and called for all parties to exercise restraint and to return to the Six Party Talks. [cite web | url= |title=Egypt expresses concerns regarding developments in the Korean Peninsula and calls for applying the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty worldwide | accessdate=2006-10-11]
*flag|South Africa: The Government of the Republic of South Africa stated that it was "deeply concerned" by the tests and called upon North Korea to terminate its nuclear weapons programme. [cite web | url= |title=South Africa joins International Community in condemning the Under Ground Nuclear Test in North Korea | accessdate=2006-10-09]


*flag|Afghanistan: The Afghan Foreign Ministry expressed its "profound concern and disapproval" of North Korea's actions and viewed the test as a provocative act. Afghanistan called for the resumption of negotiations. [ cite web | url= |title=Afghanistan expresses concern over North Korea Nuclear Test | accessdate=2006-10-11]
*flag|Cambodia: The Cambodian Information Minister has stated that Cambodia opposes North Korea's decision to conduct its first nuclear weapons test and has asked other nations to react diplomatically to the situation. It added that the United States should officially declare that it will not invade North Korea. [ cite web | url=,20867,20549597-1702,00.html |title=Cambodia opposes nuclear test, The Australian | accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|People's Republic of China: The Chinese Foreign Ministry released an official televised statement, also reported in the official news agency Xinhua, "The DPRK ignored universal opposition of the international community and flagrantly conducted the nuclear test. The Chinese government is resolutely opposed to it." [cite web | url= | title=中华人民共和国外交部声明 | accessdate=2006-10-09|language=Chinese] [cite web | url= | title=China resolutely opposes DPRK's nuclear test, Xinhua News Agency | accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|India: The Indian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that they "are deeply concerned at the reported nuclear test conducted by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea". The statement also said that India was "monitoring the situation" and in close contact with several unspecified nations over the issue. [ cite web | url=,23599,20549944-1702,00.html | title=India 'deeply concerned' over test| accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|Indonesia: The government of Indonesia, in a Foreign Ministry statement, "reiterates its position that the recent nuclear test conducted by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is unacceptable under any justifiable reason". Indonesia condemned North Korea over its announced test and fears that "such a move would add to regional tensions and threaten stability". [ cite web | url= | title=Nations condemn NK nuke test| accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|Iran: Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mohammad Ali Hosseini stated, "Iran's position is clear and Iran on principle believes in a world free of nuclear weapons".cite news | first= Mohammad | last= Ali Hosseini| pages= | title= Iran reacts, says it wants world "free of nuclear arms"| date= October 10, 2006| publisher= Mumbai Mirror| url= |accessdate=2006-10-10] An unnamed person speaking on an unnamed Iranian "state radio" stated that "North Korea's nuclear test was a reaction to America's threats and humiliation." [cite web | url= | title= In quotes: Iran blames U.S. for N. Korea nuke test | accessdate=2006-10-09] [ [ North Korea's Alleged Nuclear Test Sparks Global Condemnation] "Voice of America" 9 October 2006] The Islamic Republic spokesman wanted "the big powers start disarmament from themselves." [ [ Spokesman: Iran opposed to production, use of nuclear weapons] "Islamic Republic News Agency" 10 October 2006]
*flag|Israel: A government official said the test shows a "strong joint international effort is needed to stop Iran from obtaining a bomb." [cite web | url= | title= In quotes: Israel fears nuke test will encourage Iran | accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|Japan: Prime Minister Shinzō Abe, who was in Seoul for talks on the nuclear crisis [cite web | url= | title=North Korea conducts its first nuclear test| accessdate=2006-10-09] , said information still needed to be analyzed to determine whether North Korea truly conducted the test. Abe later called for a "calm yet stern response."cite web | url= | title=North Korea Nuke Test Draws Condemnation| accessdate=2006-10-09] Kyodo News agency reported that the Japanese government has set up a taskforce in response to reports of the test. Abe later said the tests were "absolutely unacceptable." Later, on that same day, the Japanese Cabinet passed a resolution banning almost all trade with North Korea [cite web | url=,_i_rssPage=7f5f6b12-2f66-11da-8b51-00000e2511c8.html | title=Abe calls test “absolutely unacceptable” | accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|Kazakhstan: Yershan Ashikbayev, a spokesman for the Kazakh Foreign Ministry, urged North Korea to "resume the six-nation talks on its nuclear program that include China, Russia, the U.S, South Korea and Japan, and to abandon its nuclear ambitions," because "these actions will deepen the crisis in the non-proliferation sphere and will seriously harm global security." [cite web|url=|title=Kazakhstan urges N. Korea to resume nuke talks|accessdate=2006-10-10]
*flag|South Korea: President Roh Moo-hyun has convened an urgent meeting of advisors, according to Yonhap news agency. The South Korean seismic monitoring center has confirmed a 3.58 magnitude tremor at the time of the test. [cite web | url= | title=North Korea claims nuclear weapons test| accessdate=2006-10-09] The South Korean military has also since raised its alert level. [cite web | url= | title=North Korea Says Nuclear Test Successful | accessdate=2006-10-09] On October 10 however, South Korean Prime Minister Han Myung-Sook told Parliament that South Korea will not support any United Nations resolution containing military measures against North Korea in retaliation for its nuclear test. [cite web | url=| title=South Korea opposes any UN military measures against North| accessdate=2006-10-10]
*flag|Malaysia: In a statement, Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said that the test was a serious setback in keeping the world free from nuclear weapons. He also said Malaysia calls on the DPRK to cease developing nuclear weapons and return to the moratorium on nuclear testing. [cite web | url=
title=Malaysia Deplores North Korea's Nuclear Test| accessdate=2006-10-10
] Earlier, he had said Malaysia would not support any action by the United Nations as North Korea has suffered enough and that even though Malaysia sympathised with North Korea, the only way ahead was to resume dialogue. He urged Russia and China to put pressure on North Korea to return to the six party talks. [cite web | url=
title=Put pressure on N. Korea, Russia and China urged| accessdate=2006-10-10
*flag|Mongolia: According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mongolia deeply regrets North Korea's actions, despite international warnings beforehand. Mongolia supports a denuclearized Korean peninsula and calls upon the North Korean authorities to take no further actions that will worsen the situation. [cite web | url= | title=STATEMENT BY THE MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF MONGOLIA | accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|Nepal: The Nepalese Foreign Ministry declared its grave concern and views the test as unfortunate and uncalled for. The ministry reiterated Nepal's strong opposition to nuclear proliferation. [cite web | url= | title=Statement by Foreign Ministry of Nepal | accessdate=2006-10-11]
*flag|Pakistan: A spokeswoman for the Pakistani foreign office stated that "It is regrettable that [North Korea] chose to ignore the advice by the international community not to conduct the test." [cite web | url= | title=Pakistan condemns Korea nuke test | accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|Philippines: President Arroyo condemned the tests, calling it a threat to the economic and political stability of East Asia. She also mentioned that it undermined several treaties, including the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1965, the principles of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) regional forum and the September 19, 2005 Joint Statement on the Denuclearizarion of the Korean Peninsula. Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo called on North Korean leaders to return back to the talks at once. He also denounced the tests as a threat to the peace and security of Asia. [ cite web | url= | title= Arroyo condemns North Korea nuclear test | accessdate=2006-10-09] . During a national security meeting, National Security Advisor Norberto Gonzales warned that a nuclear-armed North Korea is a concern for Philippine external security. President Arroyo did voice out similar concerns that North Korea has placed the entire nation at risk. [cite web| url= | title= Arroyo: RP within striking distance of North Korean nukes | accessdate=2006-10-10]
*flag|Singapore: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore called the nuclear test "a rash and dangerously provocative act". [cite web | url= | title=MFA Press Statement: Democratic People's Republic Of Korea's Nuclear Test | accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|Republic of China: Michel Lu, a spokesman with the Foreign ministry said that the government of the Republic of China "fears the nuclear test might trigger an arms race and proliferation of nuclear weapons, thus undermining the security and welfare of people in the Northeast Asian region". [cite web | url=,20867,20549902-1702,00.html | title=Taiwan fears test may trigger arms race | accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|Thailand: In a press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Royal Thai Government "deplores" the nuclear test conducted by the DPRK government and "deeply regrets" that North Korea "chose to ignore" the international community's warnings. Thailand calls upon North Korea to abide by the principles of the Non-Proliferation Treaty and International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards. The statement also urged all sides to exercise restraint and to resume negotiations. [cite web | url= | title=Thailand’s position on the DPRK’s Nuclear Test | accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|Vietnam: Foreign Ministry Spokesman Le Dzung expressed the Vietnamese Government's grave concern over the test, stating that it will heighten tensions and threaten the region's stability. He stated that Vietnam supports the "denuclearization" of the Korean peninsula. [cite web | url= | title=On the nuclear test conducted by the People Democratic Republic of Korea on October 9, 2006 | accessdate=2006-10-09]

Central America & the Caribbean

*flag|Cuba: The government of Cuba has issued statements of facts concerning the test, indicating the unanimity of the condemnation by the international community, but has not yet issued a statement of its own views on the tests.
*flag|Guatemala: The Guatemalan Government condemned the North Korean nuclear test and expressed its grave concern over the matter. [ cite web | url= | title=Comunicado de Prensa | accessdate=2006-10-09|language=Spanish]


*flag|Albania: The Albanian Government expressed its deep concern about the test and iterated its support for whatever action the UN Security Council decides to take in response. [cite web | url= | title= Press Release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs | accessdate=2006-10-11]
*flag|Belarus: Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Popov stated that his government believes the situation arose from an unwillingness on the part of nuclear powers to disarm themselves and that it was unrealistic to expect non-nuclear states to not develop their own deterrent when threatened by states with such arms. Belarus called upon the states concerned to return to negotiations. [cite web | url= | title= The reply by Andrei Popov, MFA Spokesperson to the questions of the correspondents of RIA “News” and Reuters in connection with the news of North Korea's testing nuclear weapon | accessdate=2006-10-10]
*flag|Belgium: Belgian Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht said the test demonstrates North Korea "...behaving in a totally irresponsible manner." He called the detonation a provocation and called for a "firm response" from the UN Security Council. [cite web | url= | title=Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht strongly condemns North Korea's nuclear test | accessdate=2006-10-12]
*flag|Bulgaria: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria condemned the North Korean nuclear test in a declaration of 9 October, calling it a "provocative act" and a "threat to international peace and security". Bulgaria also called for clear and categorical international measures and expressed its continued support for all parties interested in finding a solution to the North Korean nuclear program problem. [cite web |url= |title=Declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria regarding the nuclear test conducted by the DPRK |date=2006-10-09 |accessdate=2006-10-11 |publisher=Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria ]
*flag|Croatia: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia issued a press release in which it expressed its great concern over the test and urged the return of the states concerned to the Six Party Talks. [cite web | url= | title= MFAEI follows with great concern events regarding Korea’s nuclear test and shares international community’s concern | accessdate=2006-10-10]
*flag|Czech Republic: The Czech Republic Foreign Ministry declared the test to be a "irresponsible and regrettable step." The Ministry called upon the DPRK authorities to return to negotiations. [cite web | url= | title= The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns the nuclear test in North Korea, announced by North Korea on Monday 9th October 2006. | accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|Denmark: Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in a statement that "I strongly condemn North Korea's execution of a nuclear test explosion. It is an irresponsible action and directly contrary to the international community's repeated requests to North Korea ... It must be made clear that the international community will not accept a North Korea with nuclear arms." [ cite web | url= | title=Department of State - Nordkorea's nuclear test | accessdate= 2006-10-09]
*flag|Finland: Finland, as the country holding the EU presidency, strongly condemns the test and points out that the act is in violation of UN security council resolution 1965 and the denuclearization declaration of 1991. [ cite web|url=|title = EU Presidency statement on the carrying out of a nuclear test by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea]
*flag|France: French foreign minister Philippe Douste-Blazy has condemned the tests, saying they are "a very grave act for international security." [ cite web | url= | title= North Korean nuclear test seriously endangers security: French FM | accessdate= 2006-10-09]
*flag|Germany: German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that the test "jeopardises peace and security in the region and beyond. [The test pushes North Korea] further down the wrong path, to self-imposed isolation.".cite web | url= | title= In quotes: Reaction to N Korea's test | accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|Greece: Greek foreign minister Dora Bakoyannis said that "Greece condemns such a provocative action, which contravenes the Nuclear Arms Non-Proliferation Treaty, ignores UN Security Council resolution 1695 and constitutes a threat to international stability, security and peace," [ cite web | url=
| title=FM condemns N. Korea nuclear test | accessdate= 2006-10-09
*flag|Iceland: The Icelandic government sent a statement to the North Korean government where they condemned the test. Both the Icelandic prime minister Geir H. Haarde and foreign minister Valgerður Sverrisdóttir condemned the test. Valgerður said that "no one believed that North Korea would go this far and now the UN Security Council must decide what actions they can use in order to follow through with their previous statements about North Korea." [ cite web | url= | title=The Icelandic government condemnes the North Korea Nuclear test | accessdate= 2006-10-09]
*flag|Ireland: Foreign Minister Dermot Ahern strongly condemned the test, describing it as a threat to regional security and " direct contravention of the objectives of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation." He further called upon the DPRK to refrain from further tests and to return to the Six-Party Talks. [ cite web | url= | title=Minister for Foreign Affairs condemns underground nuclear test by DPRK | accessdate= 2006-10-09]
*flag|Italy: Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D'Alema condemned the test, stressing the wider global security implications. He further called upon North Korea to resume fulfillment of its obligations under the Non-Proliferation Treaty and to return to the Six-Party Talks. [ cite web | url= | title=Minister D'Alema condemns North Korean nuclear experiment | accessdate= 2006-10-09]
*flag|Latvia: The Latvian Foreign Ministry expressed concern over the test and urged a return of all concerned parties to negotiations. [ cite web | url= | title=Latvia concerned at nuclear test apparently carried out by North Korea | accessdate= 2006-10-11]
*flag|Lithuania: Lithuania expressed its "great concern" at the news of North Korea's nuclear test and condemned it as an act that endangers global security and peace. The Foreign Ministry expressed its agreement with the international community that negotiations resume. [ cite web | url= | title= THE NUCLEAR TEST CONDUCTED BY THE DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF KOREA POSES THREAT TO PEACE
accessdate= 2006-10-11
*flag|Luxembourg: The Grand Ducal Government of Luxembourg expressed its despair over the test and hoped for the resumption of dialogue and negotiations. [ cite web | url= | title=Jean Asselborn au sujet de l'essai nucléaire de la Corée du Nord| accessdate= 2006-10-11|language=French]
*flag|Netherlands: Dutch Foreign Minister Ben Bot condemned the test, stating that North Korea cannot expect to receive food and humanitarian aid so long as it wastes money on these kinds of projects. [ cite web | url= | title=Bot zeer bezorgd over kernproef Noord–Korea | accessdate= 2006-10-10 |language=Dutch]
*flag|Norway: Norwegian foreign minister Jonas Gahr Støre said that Norway's reaction to the North Korean nuclear test was that they condemned it, and pleaded for the case to be brought to the UN Security Council. He also said that they warned about the matter weeks before the test, even to North Korean UN diplomats, and that their nuclear test is a dangerous escalation, as the other nuclear powers had agreed not to detonate nuclear weapons. [cite web | url=| title=Norway condemns North Korean nuclear test| accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|Romania: The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared in a 9 October press release that Romania noted the test with "great concern" and deemed it "unacceptable"; it "firmly condemned" Pyongyang's "grave act of provocation". Romania called on North Korea "to immediately cease measures and acts of proliferation and to sincerely and actively engage in six-party negotiations". [cite web | url=| title=România a luat notă cu preocupare de efectuarea unui test nuclear de către R.P.D. Coreeană | accessdate=2006-10-17|language = Romanian]
*flag|Russia: Russian president Vladimir Putin said at the customary Monday meeting with Cabinet members that “Russia unconditionally condemns the test made by the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea. It is not only North Korea that really counts, but the tremendous harm caused to the regime of WMD non-proliferation in the world.” [cite web | url=| title=Russia condemns NKorea’s nuclear test — Putin | accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|Serbia: The Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared the test to be "an act jeopardizing regional stability and efforts by the international community to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons in this part of the world." [cite web | url=| title=SERBIA CONDEMNS NORTH KOREA'S NUCLEAR TEST | accessdate=2006-10-10]
*flag|Slovenia: The Republic of Slovenia condemned North Korea's nuclear test and warned of possible international tensions resulting from the test. Slovenia urged the resumption of the Six Party Talks. [cite web | url=| title=Slovenia joins the EU Presidency in condemning the nuclear test carried out by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea | accessdate=2006-10-10]
*flag|Spain: Foreign minister Miguel Ángel Moratinos has said that the test is a "serious provocation". [cite web| url=|title=El Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU analiza con carácter urgente el ensayo nuclear de Corea|publisher=El País|date=2006-10-09| language = Spanish|accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|Sweden: Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt stated that "... this is an extraordinarily serious development, with consequences both for stability in East Asia and for efforts to combat the global proliferation of nuclear weapons." and that "...a test of this kind means both a deliberate and a serious provocation targeted against the entire international community." [cite web | url=| title=Statement by Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt on North Korea's nuclear test | accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|Switzerland: The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs announced that "Switzerland condemns the test as counter to international efforts to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the world and as a threat to the security of the region." [cite web | url=| title=Switzerland condemns the nuclear test carried out by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) | accessdate=2006-10-09 ] They will also support any United Nations sanctions against North Korea. [cite web | url=| title=Swiss condemn North Korea's claim to have tested nuclear weapon | accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|Ukraine: The Foreign Ministry condemned North Korea's test, insisting that Pyongyang take responsibility and cease all nuclear program-related activities immediately. [cite web | url=| title=Statement of the MFA of Ukraine on the North Korea’s Nuclear Test | accessdate=2006-10-10]
*flag|United Kingdom: The British Foreign Office released a statement soon after the test in which the test was described as "a highly provocative act" which would "raise tensions in an already tense region." Prime Minister Tony Blair has also said that the test was a "completely irresponsible act".

North America

*flag|Canada: In Ottawa, Prime Minister Stephen Harper used sharp language on Monday to condemn the test, calling it an "irresponsible and dangerous act." He warned that it seriously undermines both regional peace and stability, and global efforts to halt the spread of nuclear weapons. However, Mr. Harper said Canada will continue to work with the United Nations Security Council to address what he terms “the risks to Northeast Asia and beyond caused by the North Korean nuclear test." Foreign Minister Peter MacKay expressed concern, stating "It's premature in terms of what the formal reaction will be, but we view this matter as extremely serious." [ cite web | url= | title=N. Korea test has 'very alarming global implications' | accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|Mexico: The Mexican Government expressed that it is "deeply concerned" by the test. It "respectfully" calls on the North Korean government to desist from further testing and to return to negotiations. [ cite web | url= | title=MEXICO DEPLORES KOREA’S ANNOUNCEMENT THAT IT PLANS TO CONDUCT A NUCLEAR TEST | accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|United States: White House Press Secretary Tony Snow said the USA would go to the UN to determine "what our next steps should be in response to this very serious step."cite web | url= | title= Venezuela condemns all nuclear tests after North Korea claim of underground blast | accessdate=2006-10-09] In a Presidential statement the morning following the announcement, President Bush said that North Korea's test is a "provocative act" which the US condemns and the USA is "committed to diplomacy" but will "continue to protect [the U.S.] and [U.S.] interests." [cite web | url= | title=President Bush's statement on North Korea Nuclear Test | accessdate=2006-10-09] President Bush has also stated that the United States "reserves all options" to defend itself against aggression. [cite web
title=Bush: U.S. 'Reserves All Options' To Defend Against North Korean Aggression


*flag|Australia: Prime Minister John Howard and Minister for Foreign Affairs Alexander Downer condemned North Korea's actions during parliamentary question time. Howard said that North Korea should be condemned in the strongest possible terms for undertaking a nuclear test, and that Australia will press for United Nations sanctions against North Korea. [cite web | url=,23599,20549283-1702,00.html | title=PM condemns N Korea nuclear test | accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flag|New Zealand: Prime Minister Helen Clark in a statement said that, "North Korea should have no illusion of the gravity with which the international community views its action." While Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Peters described North Korea's actions as "unpardonable and irrational," he also stated that "this is a time for cool heads and we urge all parties to refrain from acts which may add to a further deterioration of the situation." [cite web | url=,23599,20549932-1702,00.html | title=Test will destabilise region, says NZ PM| accessdate=2006-10-09]

outh America

* flag|Argentina: César Mayoral, Argentine ambassador to the United Nations, issued a strong condemnation of the nuclear test, and urged the Security Council to "act firmly against the North Korean government and its intentions to obtain weapons of mass destruction". It is worth mentioning that, while Argentina supports the development of nuclear energy for peaceful means, the country is also a strong advocate of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and other non-proliferation efforts worldwide. [cite web | url= | title=Argentina se sumó a la condena por la prueba nuclear de Corea del Norte | accessdate=2006-10-10 | language=Spanish]
*flag|Brazil: The Brazilian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, in its communication to the press, expressed that the Brazilian Government vehemently condemns North Korea's nuclear test, urges the country to sign the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and return to the six-party talks as soon as possible to solve the nuclear issue in the Korean Peninsula. [cite web | url= | title=Brasil condena teste nuclear da Coréia do Norte | accessdate=2006-10-09|language=Portuguese]
*flag|Chile: Chile's Ministry for Foreign Affairs has said, through an official press communicate, that this nuclear test represents "a serious attack against regional and worldwide stability" as well as "a violation of international community's efforts to achieve denuclearization in the Korean Peninsula". Chilean government has officially requested North Korea to refrain from performing these tests since they are "an unnecessary provocation that disrupts world peace and safety". [cite web | url=,0,3255_5702_232550231,00.html | title=Chile se suma a condena mundial contra Corea del Norte por pruebas nucleares | accessdate=2006-10-09 |language=Spanish]
*flag|Colombia: The Government of Colombia issued a statement through the Ministry of Exterior Relations in which it condemned the tests and called upon the DPRK government to observe the principles of peaceful coexistence found in the Charter of the United Nations and to return to the Six-Party Talks. [cite web | url= | title=COMUNICADO DEL GOBIERNO NACIONAL | accessdate=2006-10-09 | language=Spanish]
*flag|Ecuador: The Foreign Ministry of Ecuador laments North Korea's nuclear test and called upon that country to respect the widely held international moratorium on nuclear testing. [cite web |url= | title= DECLARACIÓN DEL ECUADOR SOBRE PRUEBA NUCLEAR DE LA REPUBLICA DEMOCRÁTICA Y POPULAR DE COREA | accessdate=2006-10-11|language=Spanish]
*flag|Peru:The government criticized that the test took place at the margin of international regulations of nonproliferation and verification and that it did so in spite of the calls conducted by the international community against the North Korean government. According to an official notice issued by the Peruvian ministry of foreign affairs, "This is a serious event, that violates the effective moratorium for nuclear tests, constitutes a threat to international peace and security and aggravates the tensions in the Korean Peninsula and in the Northeastern Pacific." The note also remarked that, "as a state member of the Security Council, the Government of Peru considers that, in accordance with the Chart of the United Nations, this situation must be examined through the existing multilateral mechanisms". Peru urged North Korea to unconditionally return to the Six-Party Talks and to suspend all activity related to its nuclear program and also reiterated its "firm commitment with non-proliferation efforts, and the suitable mechanisms for the promotion of the strategic stability, international peace and security".
*flag|Uruguay: According to a statement issued by the Ministry of External Relations, the Eastern Republic of Uruguay "rejects" and "deplores" North Korea's nuclear test, calling it a threat to peace in Northeast Asia and insisted that the North Korean government return to negotiations. [cite web | url= |title=SITUACIÓN NUCLEAR–REPÚBLICA POPULAR Y DEMOCRÁTICA DE COREA | accessdate=2006-10-09 | language=Spanish]
*flag|Venezuela: Venezuela's foreign minister, Nicolas Maduro told state television, "We condemn all nuclear tests because of the immense damage it does to the environment, to life." Maduro also added, "We are making an effort in all the world's scenarios so that those countries that have nuclear weapons begin progressively eliminating them." The report reproducing the aforementioned official statement notes that while Venezuela supports a world-wide ban on nuclear weapons, at the same time they believe that countries should be free to pursue nuclear energy peacefully." [cite web | url= | title= Venezuela condemns all nuclear tests after North Korea claim of underground blast | accessdate=2006-10-09]

Multinational organisations

*flag|European Union: The European Union presidency said in a statement that "This test profoundly jeopardises regional stability and represents a severe threat to international peace and security." [cite web | url= | title= EU presidency statement on the carrying out of a nuclear test by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea | accessdate=2006-10-09] Benita Ferrero-Waldner, the Commissioner for External Relations, stated that the EU has no plans to cut humanitarian aid to North Korea but stressed that the tests were "unacceptable". She also reiterated calls by the EU Presidency for North Korea to return to the six-nation talks and halt all testing of nuclear devices. [cite web | url= | title= EU will not cut humanitarian aid to N. Korea following nuclear test | accessdate=2006-10-09]
*flagicon image|Flag of IAEA.svg International Atomic Energy Agency: The IAEA issued a statement saying that the IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei "deeply regrets, and expresses serious concern, about the reported carrying-out of a nuclear test earlier today by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)," and that it "threatens the nuclear non-proliferation regime and creates serious security challenges not only for the East Asian region but also for the international community." ElBaradei emphasised the affront caused by violating the de facto worldwide ban against nuclear testing which had existed for almost a decade before the North Korean test, and emphasised the need for all countries to enter into the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. [cite web | url= | title=DPRK Nuclear Test - Statement by IAEA Director General |accessdate=2006-10-09]
*NATO: The NATO military alliance published a statement saying that it "condemns in the strongest terms possible the North Korean nuclear weapon test. This test poses an extremely serious threat to peace and security in the Pacific region and the world." [cite web|title=North Atlantic Council Statement on North Korea nuclear test|url=|date=2006-10-09|accessdate=2006-10-09] The alliance wants North Korea to return to the six-party talks.
*flag|United Nations: The United Nations Security Council met on Monday, October 9th in New York on an emergency session to discuss the issue. All five veto-wielding permanent members, including China, once North Korea's most supportive neighbour, condemned the nuclear test. Wang Guangya, the Chinese permanent representative to the United Nations had earlier stated that "no one is going to protect North Korea" if it engages in "bad behaviour".However, on October 10, dissensions emerged within the Council over how exactly to tackle the problem. Japan and the United States pressed for sanctions with the threat of military action with U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations John Bolton stating that while the United States had a “clear preference” for a diplomatic solution, the threat of force was on the table. Chinese President Hu Jintao however, called for the United States to "avoid actions that may lead to escalation or loss of control of the situation". [cite web | url= | title=Dissension Emerges on Responding to North Korea| accessdate=2006-10-10]

Non-governmental organisations

*Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament: On October 3, upon the announcement that a test was imminent, the CND called on North Korea and other nuclear states to eliminate their nuclear weapons, declaring that all nuclear weapon states were irresponsible. Kate Hudson, Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, said: "There is no such thing as a 'responsible nuclear weapons state' as North Korea claims." [ [ "CND Condemns North Korean Announcement of Imminent Nuclear Test"] , "Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament", October 3, 2006]


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