Property (disambiguation)

Property (disambiguation)

In law and political theory, property refers to an ownership interest in land or other resources.

A property of an object is some intrinsic or extrinsic quality of that object, where the nature of the "object" in question will depend on the field, as, for example, indicated below.

*Material properties
*Chemical properties
*Physical properties
*Thermodynamic properties
*Mental properties

Other uses

*In information processing, properties are qualities of objects which are transmitted and then received by observers. Generally, properties allow an observer to distinguish one object from another
*Property (ownership right), something in relation to which ownership rights subsist (eg. real property)
*Theatrical properties, in the performing arts, (usually known as a "prop") any object used or touched by a performer
* Property (philosophy), in philosophy, mathematics, and logic, an abstraction characterizing an object
*"Property" (novel) is the name of a novel by Valerie Martin
*Window property, data associated to a window in the X Window System
*In RDF, a property is a property of an RDF class, possessing a value domain and range
*Property (programming), a type of class member in object-oriented programming
* .properties, a Java Properties File with file extension ".properties", a file format to store program settings as name-value pairs
*Property type (National Register of Historic Places), a site designated and classified by its type on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places

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