Supreme Court of Cassation of Bulgaria

Supreme Court of Cassation of Bulgaria

The Supreme Court of Cassation "(Върховен касационен съд - Vurhoven kasatsionen sud)" is the final court of appeal in the Republic of Bulgaria. Its work is governed by the Constitution of 1991. According to Article 124, it exercises supreme judicial power over the application of the law in all courts. The Supreme Court of Cassation may even overturn a final decision by a lower court. It also takes part in the appointment of judges for the Constitutional Court. The Supreme Court of Cassation, however, does have to hand cases over to the Constitutional Court when it finds a contradiction between the laws and the Constitution of the Republic.

The Chairman of this Court is appointed for a seven-year term and is dismissed by the President of the Republic on motion from the Supreme Judicial Council. The Chairman is not eligible for a second term.


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