LatticeMico8 - 8-bit Microcontroller

LatticeMico8 - 8-bit Microcontroller

The LatticeMico8 is an 8-bit microcontroller Soft Processor Core optimized for Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and Crossover Programmable Logic Device architectures from Lattice Semiconductor. Combining a full 18-bit wide instruction set with 32 General Purpose registers, the LatticeMico8 is a flexible Verilog reference design suitable for a wide variety of markets, including communications, consumer, computer, medical, industrial, and automotive. The core consumes minimal device resources, less than 200 Look Up Tables (LUTs) in the smallest configuration, while maintaining a broad feature set.

The LatticeMico8 is licensed under a new open intellectual property (IP) core license, the first such license offered by any FPGA supplier. The main benefits of using open source IP are greater flexibility, improved portability, and no cost. This new agreement provides all the benefits of standard open source and allows users to mix proprietary designs with the open source core. Additionally, it allows for the distribution of designs in bitstream or FPGA format without accompanying it with a copy of the license.

* 8-bit Data Path
* 18-bit Wide Instructions
* 32 General Purpose Registers
* 32 bytes of Internal Scratch Pad Memory
* Input/Output is Performed Using "Ports" (Up to 256 Port Numbers)
* Optional 256 bytes of External Scratch Pad RAM
* Two Cycles Per Instruction
* Lattice UART Reference Design Peripheral

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