Snail Mail No More

Snail Mail No More

"Snail Mail No More" (ISBN 0-340-74432-4) is a book published in 2000 by Paula Danziger and Ann M. Martin.

Snail Mail No More is the sequel to "P.S. Longer Letter Later". When Elizabeth goes to visit Tara*Starr she helps Tara*Starr set up an e-mail address. After a year of snail mail following Tara*Starr's move to Ohio, the long-distance friends are ready for the more immediate gratification of e-mail: with e-mail, it doesn't take 3 or 4 days for a letter to get to the other. Therefore, they start to have an even closer relationship.

Eighth grade turns out to be as intense as seventh, with still more challenges to the best friends' relationship: including new local friendships for each, a baby sibling on the way for Tara*Starr, which is due near Christmas (to her parents, it's an amazing present; to Tara*Starr, it's a lump of coal), devastating drama from Elizabeth's alcoholic and absent father, and ever-broadening horizons for both teens.

Tara*Starr: Tara*Starr got the part in her school play that she wanted. In her class they are doing a parenting project with baby eggs. Because of this project and the stress that comes with it, Tara*Starr dumps her boyfriend. The baby arrives on November 25, in the middle of the night. Tara*Starr is happy that it’s a girl, named Scarlett. Because of the baby, though, Tara*Starr had to quit the play.

Elizabeth: Elizabeth vacations at Tara*Starr's house during Thanksgiving break. Over the course of the book, Elizabeth's father tries to contact her, her mom, and her little sister. He says he wants to come visit them, but he never does. Then something dramatic happens to her father.

The book ends with Valentine’s Day and the Valentine’s Day dance.

Tara*Starr is most like Danziger, while Elizabeth is most like Martin. This is reflected in the writing styles of the authors' individual works. Tara*Starr's writing style is strikingly similar to Danziger's Amber Brown books, and Elizabeth's writing style is strikingly similar to Martin's Baby-Sitter Club books.

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