Jackdaw (disambiguation)

Jackdaw (disambiguation)

A jackdaw is a bird of the crow family.

Jackdaw can also refer to:
*Jackdaw (band), the Celtic rock band from Buffalo, New York
*"Jackdaw", song by British band Audience (band), from their third album "The House On The Hill"
*Blackbird (Femizon), also known as Jackdaw, Hulk villainess of Marvel Comics who could fly
*Jackdaw (comics), a now-deceased fictional hero of Marvel Comics, an Otherworld elf and the sidekick of Captain Britain
*"Jackdaws", a World War II spy thriller written by British novelist Ken Follett
*"The Jackdaw", British art magazine published by David Lee (art critic)
*Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz, a popular pangram of 31 letters containing all 26 letters of the English alphabet

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