Magic Stick (game)

Magic Stick (game)

: "This article is about the game of Magic Stick. For the song, see Magic Stick."

Magic Stick is a party game, the object of which is to keep one's balance after spinning in place.

How To Play

A group of participants gather in a circle, and one participant stands in the middle of the circle holding the "Magic Stick," which can be a real stick or a reasonable substitute.

As the group counts out loud to a designated number (often 60), the person in the middle holds the Magic Stick with both hands, holds it about a foot from his face, and spins in place while staring at the Magic Stick.

Once the group has reached the designated number, the person in the middle must drop the Magic Stick and attempt to jump over it. If he is able to do so without losing his balance and falling on the ground, he has won the game. This can prove difficult, because spinning in place causes dizziness.

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