Shenyang Aircraft Corporation

Shenyang Aircraft Corporation

Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (simplified chinese 沈阳飞机公司, traditional chinese 瀋陽飛機公司, Pinyin: "Shěnyáng fēijī gōng sī") is a Chinese civilian and military aircraft manufacturer located in Shenyang. Founded in 1953, it is one of the oldest and the most important aircraft manufacturers in the People's Republic of China. Many aircraft manufacturers in China such as Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group or Guizhou Aircraft Industry Co. were founded with help from Shenyang. It mainly focuses on designing and manufactuing fighter planes. Currently, it is a subsidiary of AVIC I.

Partnership with Cessna

On 27 November 2007 Cessna announced that the Cessna 162 Light Sport Aircraft will be produced by the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation.cite web|url =|title = Cessna Chooses China's Shenyang Aircraft Corporation as Manufacturing Partner for Model 162 SkyCatcher|accessdate = 2007-11-28|last = Textron|authorlink = |year = 2007|month = November]


* Shenyang Airframe Plant
* Shenyang Liming Aircraft Engine Company
* Shenyang Aircraft Design Institute
* Shenyang Aeroengine Research Institute


* J-4 assembled in Shenyang in early 1950s.
* Shenyang JJ-1 jet trainer, cancelled in 1960s, replaced by JJ-5
* Shenyang J-5 interceptor-fighter
** Shenyang JJ-5 a two-seat dual-control advanced jet trainer
* Shenyang J-6 fighter
** JZ-6 reconnaissance aircraft - based on MiG-19R
** JianJiao JJ-6 - 2 seat fighter trainer
* Chengdu J-7, designed and produced in Shenyang in 1960s. Production was moved to Chengdu in the 1970s.
* Shenyang J-8 indigenous 3rd generation fighter
* Shenyang J-11 indigenous fighter - a Chinese-redesigned fighter based on the Sukhoi Su-27
* Shenyang J-XX 5th-generation stealth fighter
* Shenyang J-14 5th-generation stealth fighter; a parallel project with the J-XX

* ACAC ARJ21 jetliner, collaborating with other companies of AVIC I.

* Xian H-6 bomber - Chinese variant of the Russian Tupolev Tu-16 Badger. Collaboration with Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation
* Nanchang Q-5 fighter bomber. Designed in Shenyang and later moved to Nanchang Aircraft for production.

General Aviation Aircraft
* Cessna 162

* Turbofan WS-10, "Taihang"
* Turbojet WP-14, "Kunlun"

* Associated Lyulka AL-31 turbofan engine
* Whole tail sections and cargo doors for Boeing
* Parts for Bombardier Aerospace and McDonnell Douglas

ee also

* Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation
* Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group
* China Aviation Industry Corporation
* ACAC consortium
* China Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation
* Guizhou Aircraft Industry Co.
* Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation
* Hongdu Aviation Industry Corporation
* Shanghai Aviation Industrial Company
* Shanxi Aircraft Company
* Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation
* People's Liberation Army Air Force
* [ Shenyang Institute of Aeronautical Engineering] [ English Version]


* [ Shenyang Aircraft Corp]

External links

* [ SAC's website in English]
* [ 沈阳飞机公司 — SAC's Chinese, more informative pages]

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