David Chernushenko

David Chernushenko
David Chernushenko
Ottawa City Councillor
Assumed office
December 1, 2010
Preceded by Clive Doucet
Constituency Capital Ward
Personal details
Born June 1963
Calgary, Alberta
Political party Non-aligned
Green Party of Canada
Green Party of Ontario
Religion Unitarian Universalism

David Chernushenko (born June 1963 in Calgary, Alberta) is a professional speaker, businessman, and environmental filmmaker in Ontario, Canada, who was elected to Ottawa City Council in the 2010 municipal election. He is the former senior deputy to the leader of the Green Party of Canada, and a former leadership contestant for that party.

A graduate of Queen's University (Political Science) and alumnus of Cambridge University (International Relations), Chernushenko has worked for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) and the United Nations Environment Programme.[1] He has served on committees and boards of local housing and environment groups, schools and health advisory bodies.[2]

Chernushenko is a “green building” professional accredited by the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification program. As owner of the consulting firm Green & Gold Inc. since 1998, he has advised public, private, and non-profit organizations on adopting more sustainable and socially responsible practices.

From 1998 to 2004, Chernushenko served on the International Olympic Committee’s commission on Sport and the Environment. He has written several books on sustainable management practices, including Sustainable Sport Management (UNEP, 2001) and Greening Our Games: Running Sports Events & Facilities that Won't Cost the Earth (Centurion, 1994), and the electronic publication Greening Campuses and their Communities (IISD/ACCC/UNEP, 1996). In 2001, he co-founded Clean Air Champions, a national charity that engages athletes in raising awareness about air pollution, climate change and the benefits of physical activity in Canada. He is a director of the Sustainable Ottawa Energy Co-operative.

He was the Green Party candidate for Ottawa Centre in the 2004 federal election. He finished fourth with 4,730 votes (8%), receiving more votes than any other Green candidate in Ottawa. He ran again in Ottawa Centre in the 2006 federal election and again came fourth, losing to Paul Dewar from the New Democratic Party (NDP). Chernushenko received 6,766 votes (10.2%), the highest vote count of any Green Party candidate in Canada the 2006 election. He passed the 10% threshold, thus becoming eligible for partial government reimbursement of campaign expenditures. Chernushenko was endorsed by the Ottawa Citizen newspaper in both the 2004 and 2006 elections.[3] He also ran as the Green Party candidate in Ottawa South in the 2003 Ontario general election.

On November 10, 2006, Prime Minister Stephen Harper appointed Chernushenko to Canada's National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, a non-partisan panel that advises the federal government on environmental policy, and works to promote the integrated pursuit of excellence in environmental, social and economic practices in Canada’s public, private and civil society sectors. Chernushenko served as a member on the NRTEE from 2006 to 2009, and served as vice-chair in 2008-2009.

Chernushenko resigned as deputy leader of the Green Party in July 2007 in order to devote more time to his international consulting business and the NRTEE, and to make documentary films.[4] Since then, he has launched the Living Lightly multimedia project and produced two documentaries, titled Be the Change (2008) and Powerful: Energy for Everyone (2010).

Chernushenko ran as City Councillor for Capital Ward in the 2010 Ottawa municipal election.[5] He won with 41.34% of the vote.[6]


2006 Green Party leadership bid

On March 30, 2006, David Chernushenko announced his bid for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada.[7] He was seen as a party insider,[citation needed] close to the positions of previous leader Jim Harris, in contrast to Elizabeth May, who was seen as more of a traditional activist. Chernushenko received 33.38% of the votes in the election, losing to May.[8] Since that time, Chernushenko has been critical of Ms May's leadership of the party, and has publicly spoken out about her mixed messages surrounding strategic voting in the 2008 federal election, an issue that some party insiders blamed for the Greens' lower-than-expected results in that election.[9]


Chernushenko, David; Anna Van der Kamp (2001). Sustainable Sport Management: Running an Environmentally, Socially and Economically Responsible Organization. United Nations Environment Programme. ISBN 92-807-2072-4. 

Chernushenko, David (1994). Greening our games : running sports events and facilities that won't cost the Earth. Ottawa: Centurion Publishing & Marketing. ISBN 0-9697571-5-8. 

Electoral record

Running in Capital Ward:

2010 Ottawa Municipal Election - Councillor
Candidate Votes %
David Chernushenko 5335 41.34
Isabel Metcalfe 2515 19.49
Bob Brocklebank 2207 17.10
Domenic Santaguida 1475 11.43
Eugene Haslam 1084 8.40
Ron Le Blanc 243 1.88
Mano Hadavand 46 0.36
Ottawa Centre - Canadian federal election, 2006
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
     New Democrat Paul Dewar 24,611 36.93 -4.12
     Liberal Richard Mahoney 19,458 29.20 -1.87
     Conservative Keith Fountain 15,126 22.70 +3.67
     Green David Chernushenko 6,766 10.15 +2.61
     Marijuana John Akpata 386 0.58 -0.14
     Independent Anwar Syed 121 0.18
     Communist Stuart Ryan 102 0.15 +0.01
     Marxist–Leninist Christian Legeais 68 0.10 -0.02
Total valid votes 66,638 100.00
Ottawa Centre - Canadian federal election, 2004
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
     New Democrat Ed Broadbent 25,734 41.05 +17.24
     Liberal Richard Mahoney 19,478 31.07 -8.94
     Conservative Mike Murphy 11,933 19.03 -12.10
     Green David Chernushenko 4,730 7.54 +4.85
     Marijuana Michael Foster 455 0.72 -0.71
     Independent Robert Gauthier 121 0.19
     Communist Stuart Ryan 90 0.14 -0.10
     Canadian Action Carla Marie Dancey 76 0.12 -0.25
     Marxist–Leninist Louis Lang 67 0.10%
Total valid votes 62,684 100.00
Ontario general election, 2003: Ottawa South
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
     Liberal Dalton McGuinty 24,647 51.7 +2.1
     Progressive Conservative Richard Raymond 16,413 34.4 -5.8
     New Democratic Party James McLaren 4,306 9.0 +3.2
     Green David Chernushenko 1,741 3.7 +2.1
     Family Coalition John Pacheco 562 1.2
Total 47,669


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