Nerve Ends in Power Lines

Nerve Ends in Power Lines

Infobox Album |
Name = Nerve Ends in Power Lines
In Purgatory (1982)
Type = EP
Artist = Nocturnal Projections

Released = 1982 (EP); 1995 (CD)
Recorded =
Genre =
Length =
Label = Raffmond (1995)
Producer =
Reviews =
Last album = "November 1981
This album = "Nerve Ends in Power Lines/In Purgatory""
Next album = "Another Year"

"Nerve Ends in Power Lines/In Purgatory" is an EP by New Zealand band Nocturnal Projections in 1982. In 1995, a CD version was released as a greatest hits album under Raffmond.

Track listing

*1995 CD release
*"In Purgatory"
*"People Who Told Me"
*"Another Year"
*"Difficult Days"
*"Walk in a Straight Line"
*"You’ll Never Know"
*"No Problems Here"
*"Moving Forward"
*"Could it Be Increased"
*"Nerve Ends in Power Lines"
*"The Down Song"
*"Alone in the Corner"
*"Inmates in Images"

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