Prime Minister of Tuvalu

Prime Minister of Tuvalu

The Prime Minister of Tuvalu is the head of government of Tuvalu. According to Tuvalu's constitution, the Prime Minister must always be a member of Parliament, and is elected by Parliament in a secret ballot. Because there are no political parties in Tuvalu, any member of Parliament can be nominated for the role. The Governor-General of Tuvalu is responsible for conducting the election, and for proclaiming the winner.

The office of Prime Minister was established when Tuvalu gained independence in 1978, although the post is sometimes considered to be a continuation of the earlier office of Chief Minister, which was created in 1975. The Prime Minister also always serves as the foreign minister of Tuvalu. If the Prime Minister dies, as has happened on one occasion, the deputy prime minister becomes acting Prime Minister until a new one is elected by parliament. The prime minister can lose his office by resigning, being defeated in a no confidence vote by Parliament, or losing his seat in a parliamentary election. Several former Prime Ministers have become governors-general of Tuvalu.

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