Tor (disambiguation)

Tor (disambiguation)

Tor may refer to:


* TOR (gene), or Target Of Rapamycin, a protein kinase
* "Tor", a genus of mahseers; a group of Asian game fishes


*Terms of Reference, describe the purpose and structure of a project, committee, meeting, negotiation, etc.


* Tor (geography), a type of rock outcrop formed by weathering
* TOR, an abbreviation for Toronto
* The former name of the city Sloviansk, Ukraine
* El-Tor, a port on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt
* Tor, Spain, a small village in the Catalan part of the Pyrenees, close to Andorra
* TOR, an FAA identifier for Torrington Municipal Airport


* An alternative name of the god Thor
* Sir Tor, a Knight of the Round Table in Arthurian legend

Popular culture

* "Tor" (comic book), by Joe Kubert
* Tor Books, a publishing company specialising in fantasy and science fiction
* Tor, the name of a fictional robot featured in the science fiction film "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians"
* Tor, the name of a character in the books, "The Hero and the Crown" and the "The Blue Sword" by Robin McKinley
* Tor, the alter ego of the eponymous main character, in the animated television series "Mighty Mightor"
* Tor the Shuttlezord, in the television series "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"
* Tor, the name of the varg's goddess from the book The Sight.


*Toronto Raptors (Abbreviation: TOR)
*Toronto Maple Leafs (Abbreviation: TOR)
*Toronto Blue Jays (Abbreviation: TOR)


* Telex Over Radio, a.k.a. radio-telex or NBDP (Narrow-Band Direct Printing), part of GMDSS.
* Tor (anonymity network), a software package sponsored by the Electronic Frontier Foundation that enables its users to access websites and other internet services anonymously
* Tor, the Russian name of a surface-to-air missile system, whose NATO designation is SA-15 Gauntlet.
* Terms of reference a document which describes the purpose and structure of a project used frequently in project management

Other uses

* A tribe of the Pashtun people
* Tor functor, a derived functor of the tensor product in mathematics
* Tor Johnson (1903–1971), a Swedish-born professional wrestler and actor who gained cult fame by appearing in B-movies
* TOR, Specific Area Message Encoding code for tornado warning
* TOR or ToR. an abbreviation for the Tournament of Roses Parade
* Transport of Rockland, a transit operator in Rockland County, New York
* Tales of Rebirth
* Tor Missile System, a Russian air defence system
* Tor (rifle), a Polish anti-materiel rifle
* Transcript of Records

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