Stepan Vytvytskyi

Stepan Vytvytskyi

Infobox_President|name=Stepan Vytvytskyi
Степан Витвицький

order= 2nd President of UPR in exile
term_start=January, 1954
term_end=October, 1965
predecessor=Andriy Livytskyi
successor=Mykola Livytskyi
birth_date=birth date|1884|3|13|df=y
birth_place=Near Stanislaviv
death_date=death date and age|1965|10|9|1884|3|13|df=y
death_place=New York City, New York
spouse=Melaniya Vytvytska

Stepan Vytvytskyi ( _uk. Степан Витвицький) (13 March, 1884 near Stanislaviv9 October, 1965 in New York City, United States) was a Ukrainian politician, diplomat, and journalist. He was the President of the Ukrainian People's Republic in exile (1954-1965).


Stepan Vytvytskyi was born on 13 March, 1884, in the area surrounding the city of Stanislaviv, Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria in Austria-Hungary ("now Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine"). He studied at the law faculties of the Lviv and Vienna Universities. During his years as a student, Vytvytskyi was the head of "Academic Hromada" in Lviv and the organization "Sich" in Vienna. In 1910, he began his practice as a lawer in Drohobych. In 1914, he entered the Legion of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen military organization. From 1915-1918, he was a member of the editorial board of the newspaper "Dila", and an editor on the "Svoboda" newspaper, both being based in Lviv.

While being a member of the Ukrainian National-Democratical Party ("UNDP") in October 1918, he was elected as a secretary of the "Ukrainian National Rada" of the West Ukrainian People's Republic ("ZUNR"). He was a member of the Ukrainian People's Republic ("UPR") Tsentralna Rada and the governmental secretary of foreign affairs of the UPR. As a secretary of the Ukrainian National Rada, he was a member of the delegation of the ZUNR at the "Worker's Congress of Ukraine" in Kyiv, and a delegation member of the act of merging the ZUNR and UPR on January 22, 1919.

Since October 1919, he was the speaker of the diplomatic missions of the Directory of Ukraine in Warsaw. For some time, Vytvytskyi headed the secretary of foreign affairs in the government of ZUNR in exile in Vienna. In 1921−1923, he headed the ZUNR mission in Paris and London, persuading the governments of these countries ("France, United Kingdom") to recognize the occupation of the eastern territory of Galicia by Poland, and help with the re-establishment of its independence.

In 1924, he continued his lawyer practice in Drohobych. From 1935−1939, he was elected to the Polish Sejm from the Drohobycz district. With the occupation of Galicia by Bolsheviks in 1939, he left Drohobych and emigrated to the west. In 1945, he was elected as the co-speaker of the "Central Ukrainian Emigration Commission" in Germany. After the death of Andriy Livytskyi in 1954, Stepan Vytvytskyi was elected as the president of the Ukrainian People's Republic in exile. He died in New York City on October 9, 1965, and was buried at the cemetery of Bound Brook, New Jersey.

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