List of Presidents of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society of Montreal

List of Presidents of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society of Montreal

This is a list of Presidents of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society of Montreal.

19th century

First half

*1834: Jacques Viger (1st)
*1835: Honorable Denis-Benjamin Viger (2nd)
*1845: Honorable Joseph Masson (3rd)
*1846-47: Honorable Augustin-Norbert Morin (4th)
*1848-49: Honorable Joseph Bourret (5th)

Second half

*1850: Édouard-Raymond Fabre (6th)
*1851-52: Ludger Duvernay (7th)
*1852-53: Côme-Séraphin Cherrier, c.r. (8th)
*1854-55: Sir George-Étienne Cartier (9th)
*1856: Jacques Viger (1st)
*1857: Dr. Jean-Baptiste Meilleur (10th)
*1858: Damase Masson (11th)
*1859: Dr. Pierre Beaubien (12th)
*1860: Honourable Frédéric-Auguste Quesnel (13th)
*1861: Romuald Trudeau (14th)
*1862: Honourable Georges-René Saveuse de Beaujeu (15th)
*1863: Honourable Antoine-Olivier Berthelet (16th)
*1864: Louis-Tancrède Bouthillier (17th)
*1865-66: Honourable Pierre-Jean-Olivier Chauveau (18th)
*1867-68: Charles-André Leblanc, c.r. (19th)
*1869-70: Honourable Gédéon Ouimet (20th)
*1871: Honourable Charles-Séraphin Rodier (21st)
*1872-74: Honourable Charles-Joseph Coursol (22nd)
*1874: Sir Antoine-Aimé Dorion (23rd)
*1875: Jacques Grenier (24th)
*1876: Louis Archambault (25th)
*1877: Dr. Jean-Philippe Rottot (26th)
*1879: Honourable Jean-Baptiste Roland (27th)
*1880: Honourable Thomas Jean-Jacques Loranger (28th)
*1881: Napoléon Bourassa (29th)
*1882: Honourable Louis Beaubien (30th)
*1883: Jérémie Perrault (31st)
*1884: Honourable Thomas Jean-Jacques Loranger (28th)
*1885-86: Adolphe Ouimet (32nd)
*1887: Dr. Emmanuel-Persillier Lachapelle (33rd)
*1888-92: Honourable Laurent-Olivier David (34th)
*1893-98: Honourable Louis-Onésime Loranger (35th)
*1899-1904: Honourable François-Ligori Beique (36th)

20th century

First half

*1905: Joseph-Xavier Perreault (37th)
*1905-1907: Sir Hormidas Laporte (38th)
*1908-1911: Joseph-Charles Beauchamp (39th)
*1911-1913: Thomas Gauthier (40th)
*1913-14: Olivar Asselin (41st)
*1914-15: Charles Duquette (42nd)
*1915-1924: Me Victor Morin (43rd)
*1924-25: Joseph-Victor Desaulniers (44th)
*1925: Guy Vanier (45th)
*1925: Léon Trépanier (46th)
*1929: Guy Vanier (45th)
*1930: Aimé Parent (47th)
*1931: Victor-Elzéar Beaupré (48th)
*1932: Ernest Brassard (49th)
*1933: Victor Doré (50th)
*1934: Joseph-Alfred Bernier (51st)
*1935: Ernest Laforce (52nd)
*1937: Joseph Dansereau (53rd)
*1939: Louis-Athanase Fréchette (54th)
*1943: Roger Duhamel (55th)
*1945: Charles-Auguste Changnon (56th)
*1946: Arthur Tremblay (57th)

Second half

*1950: Dr. J.-Alcide Martel (58th)
*1951: J. Émile Boucher (59)
*1954: François-Eugène Therrien (60th)
*1957: Paul Guertin (61st)
*1960: Jean Séguin (62nd)
*1962: Paul-Émile Robert (63rd)
*1965: Me Yvon Groulx (64th)
*1968: Dollard Mathieu (65th)
*1969: François-Albert Angers (66th)
*1973: Me Yvon Groulx (64th)
*1973: André Trudeau (67th)
*1974: Yvan Sénécal (68th)
*1975: Jean-Marie Cossette (69th)
*1976: Jean-Charles Desroches (70th)
*1977: André Beauchamp (71st)
*1977: Jean-Paul Champagne (72nd)
*1978: Jean-Marie Cossette (69th)
*1980: Marcel Henry (73rd)
*1981: Gilles Rhéaume (74th)
*1985: Jean-Marie Cossette (69th)
*1986: Nicole Boudreau (75th)
*1989: Jean Dorion (76th)
*1994: François Lemieux (77th)
*1997: Guy Bouthillier (78th)

21st century

*2003: Jean Dorion (76th)

See also

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* [ Past Presidents ("Anciens présidents") of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society]

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