Kokborok Counting

Kokborok Counting

Counting in Kokborok is called "lekhamung".


The basic numbers are:

1. sa

2. nwi

3. tham

4. brwi

5. ba

6. dok

7. sni

8. char

9. chuku

10. chi

20. nwichi

100. ra

101. sara sa

200. nwira

1000. sai

1001. sa sai

2000. nwi sai

10,000. chisai

20,000. nwichi sai

100,000. rasai

200,000. nwi rasai

1,000,000. chirasai

2,000,000. nwichi rasai

10,000,000. rwjak

20,000,000. nwi rwjak

1,000,000,000. rarwjak

1,000,000,000,000. Sai rarwjak

1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 rasaisai rarwjak

Numerical Counting

The counting of things and animals is very different in this language unlike the Indo-Euorpean languages. It is similar to the counting methodology in Japanese language. Generally the word "kai" is used for anything when not being particular.e.g. "kaisa tok" - "one bird", "kaisa buphang" - "one tree".

But when being particular, specific words are used for counting according to th etype of the specified thing.e.g. "toksa" - "one bird", "phangsa" - "one tree".

Many more of the quantifiers are listed below:

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