United Kingdom legislation

United Kingdom legislation

United Kingdom legislation derives from a number of different sources. The United Kingdom does not have a single body of legislation, but is divided into three states, each with its own laws and legal system: England and Wales (English law), Scotland (Scots law), and Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland law).

Modern sources of legislation

Parliament of the United Kingdom

*Acts of the United Kingdom Parliament
*Statutory instruments (for example, orders or regulations) made by a Minister or by the Queen-in-Council, generally subject either to parliamentary approval (affirmative procedure) or parliamentary disallowance; these are made either under Acts or by the royal prerogative.

Scottish Parliament

*Acts of the devolved Scottish Parliament, and statutory instruments made by the Scottish Government (likewise generally subject to approval or disallowance by the Scottish Parliament)

National Assembly for Wales

*Statutory instruments made by the National Assembly for Wales

Northern Ireland Assembly

*Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly, and statutory instruments made by Northern Ireland Departments

European Union

*Decisions, directives and regulations of the European Communities.

Historical sources of legislation

*Parliament of England (13th century - 1707)
*Parliament of Scotland (13th century - 1707)
*Parliament of Ireland (13th century - 1800)
*Parliament of Great Britain (1707 - 1800)
*Parliament of Northern Ireland (1921 - 1972)

ee also

*Acts of Parliament in the United Kingdom
*List of Acts of Parliament in the United Kingdom

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