Piotr Shabelsky-Bork

Piotr Shabelsky-Bork

Piotr Nikolaevich Shabelsky-Bork (1893-1952) was one of the two assassins responsible for the death of Vladimir Dmitrievich Nabokov. The intended target was Pavel Miliukov, a leader of the "Kadets", but when Nabokov attempted to stop the assassination, he was shot twice and died instantly. For the crime, Shabelsky-Bork received a sentence of fourteen years imprisonment, but was released shortly after commencing his sentence.

He was born in the Caucasus. His father was a wealthy landlord. His mother was a member of the Union of the Russian People, in which she played a leading role. She was an editor of a Black Hundreds periodical published in St. Petersburg.

Shortly upon his release from prison he befriended Alfred Rosenberg, the Nazi so-called philosopher.

He was an important promoter, in the 1920's, of the notorious Protocols of Zion. He was a friend of Fyodor Viktorovich Vinberg, with whom he collaborated a founded a yearbook, Luch Sveta (meaning "A Ray of Light"). In the third issue of this periodical (May 1920) the complete text of the 1911 edition of Sergei Nilus's book is published.


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